Cheryl Rude, Ph.D.

Professor Leadership Studies, Academic Director Leadership Southwestern
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(620) 229-6381


Ph.D. Union Institute & University Leadership Education

M.Ed. Wichita State University Counseling and School Psychology

B.S. Kansas University Business Administration

Teaching Philosophy

I strive to be a moral leader in my classroom by calling on the passion in myself and stirring it up in others (Cole, 2000).  Perhaps the best asset in regards to my teaching is that I love learning.  I want my students to love to learn.  I understand the classroom to be both the traditional formal learning space as well as the complex and ever-changing world outside the walls of the institution.

I know why I am a teacher.  My mission is to help students flourish.  Knowledge is imparted in the process of teaching but increased knowledge is only a piece of change not all of it.  Engagement in the material rules over memory the material.  Growth from where an individual starts at the beginning of the semester to where he or she ends takes precedence over mastery. 

Service-learning has given me a teaching pedagogy which connects head with heart, fact with feeling, theory with practice, and teaching with learning (Palmer, 1998).  This interconnectedness is a good fit for me.  I like the whole not the compartments.  As a teacher, I engage with the whole person not just the part of a student’s brain which is absorbing knowledge about leadership.  If the head—facts, theory and teaching belong to the traditional classroom then the heart—feelings, practice, and learning thrive in the leadership experiences of service in the wider world.

Research and Practical Application Interests

Leadership development in children and young adults; transferability of leadership skills from one area of content expertise to another; exemplary leadership across vocational sectors

Duties at Southwestern College

Professor of Leadership Studies

Academic Director of Leadership Southwestern

Division Chair of Social Sciences

Cheryl Rude, Ph.D.
Build an education.

Build an education.

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41 main campus and 16 professional studies undergraduate majors, 27 minors, teacher certification in 13 areas, and 6 graduate programs.