Freshman Work Day

FWD directors 2016Freshman Work Day is the final day of Southwestern Orientation for the incoming freshman class.  All freshmen head out into the Winfield community to work on homes and nonprofit buildings that need repair, painting, cleaning, or yard work.  The event creates positive change on an individual and local level.  Freshman Work Day was started by the Leadership program in 1992 with the goal of establishing positive relationships between Southwestern College and the community.


2023 Freshman Work Day

August 5, 2023

Request Deadline: July 9, 2023 

We are looking for at least 14 sites for August 5, 2023, for freshmen of Southwestern College. If you have any questions or requests, fill out the form below or email,, or! All forms are due by July 9, 2023, with all information requested on the form. Thank you!

Have a site that needs work?  Fill out the Freshman Work Day Request Form today!  The student Leadership directors are always looking for sites that need work.

Freshman Work Day Request Form

FWD pictures:

FWD 2016 FWD 2016 2 FWD 3 FWD 2016 4 FWD 2016 5 

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