Holistic Nutrition Lecture March 29

Collegians Often Overlooking the Kitchen (COOK), a senior leadership project devoted to nutrition, is scheduled for Sunday, March 29.  Kate Topham, a senior at Southwestern College, has organized the event.  The first session is open to the public.
            topham photoThe first session of COOK will be at 2 p.m. Lisa Regnier, certified holistic health counselor, will present a holistic nutrition lecture in Mossman Hall 101. Grants and funding from the Winfield Recreation Center, Walnut Valley Farmers’ Market, William Newton Hospital, and Southwestern Student Government Association have made the lecture free and open to the public. The session should last until 3:30 p.m., according to Topham.
            “Lisa’s really a big advocate of thinking of ways to better your health through what you eat,” said Topham. “I really like what she’s about and I really support that. My dream was to find enough money to have her come.”
            The second and third sessions will be open to preregistered students only, and will include cooking two meals and learning bargain hunting secrets from students and home economists. The fee for the second session will be $8.
            Topham says that although the event has taken easily 60 hours to plan, the final product will be worth the amount of time she has put in.
            “It has taken up every free moment I have, but it’s what I’m passionate about,” said Topham.
For more information, e-mail Topham at


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