SC Student Helps Businesses Save Energy

Several businesses in Winfield are now more energy efficient thanks to the efforts of one Southwestern College senior.
Cassi Reimer Caulking           
Cassi Reimer, Ulysses, decided for her senior Leadership project to share her energy efficient knowledge with some Winfield businesses.  She performed home energy audits at Long & Neises CPA, Buterbaugh & Handlin, Hometown True Value, Moonshadow Bookstore, Winfield Chamber of Commerce, the office of Dr. Alan Marcotte DDS., and State Farm Insurance.
Along with the energy audit, Reimer also checked the water flow out of the faucets and toilets, and checked for recycling. 
“After the audit, I calculated how much energy and money they would save if they made some green improvements, for example changing all their light bulbs to energy efficient ones,” Reimer says.  “Then, I gave them the results and asked if they wanted to make any changes. I told each of them if they bought the supplies, I could provide the manual labor.”
Three of the businesses accepted Reimer’s offer.

• Moonshadow Bookstore had Reimer caulk the windows and seal the door to reduce the airflow.

• Hometown True Value asked Reimer and her volunteers to remove an old air conditioning unit.  They removed it and replaced the hole which will reduce heat loss and excess air flow.

• Buterbaugh & Handlin installed a hot water heater jacket and sealed socket/light switch gaps behind the plates to reduce heat loss.
Matt Bradbury, owner of Hometown True Value, liked the ideas that Reimer offered.
“She gave a different perspective to look at,” Bradbury said.  “When you’re around the business day-after-day, you don’t realize the changes that can be made.  She came in and gave me a fresh new way to look at my business.”       
Reimer says that these businesses should begin seeing money savings in their energy bills.
I had big dreams for this project and I am so grateful to these businesses for allowing me the opportunity to help,” Reimer says. 


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