Marine Biology

The Marine Biology Program at Southwestern was initiated to give our students additional educational opportunities. Marine Biology at Southwestern is an integral part of the overall biology program. Our program is intended to give students some early exposure to the field, and to provide them with opportunities that they can build upon in the future. What we offer in marine biology are the following opportunities: a Bachelor of Science Major in Marine Biology; a lecture-laboratory Marine Biology course offered on campus; an opportunity for extensive field studies through May field courses; exposure to marine organisms in several courses and laboratories; and assistance in locating summer internship and summer school opportunities in marine biology.     

At Southwestern, we continue to view marine biology as a graduate field.  Therefore, what becomes most important to our students is receiving a quality education at the undergraduate level and getting a solid foundation in the biological sciences, the physical sciences, and the liberal arts. A person can receive that kind of education at any number of colleges and universities, but we are particularly proud of the job that we do here at Southwestern. Several important aspects of our program in biology at Southwestern are the focus upon students, our focus upon experiential learning, and our success in preparing students for life after Southwestern.

Build an education.

Build an education.

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