BA Major in Music

B.A. Major in Music

The Bachelor of Arts, Major in Music degree at Southwestern College is designed to encourage the study of music within the broad context of liberal arts.  It challenges students to attain an intellectual understanding of music, develop music performance skills, and expand overall musicianship skills.

Major requirements:

At least 43 hours in Music and Music Education to include:

In Music:

  • 099 Performance Forum
  • 112 Music Theory 1
  • 126 Class Piano 1
  • 127 Class Piano 2
  • 151 Small Ensemble (minimum 4 hours)
  • 162 Aural Skills and Sight Singing 1
  • 211 Music Theory 2
  • 212 Music Theory 3
  • 226 Class Piano 3
  • 227 Class Piano 4
  • 230 Private Lessons (minimum 10 hours, maximum 16 hours)
  • 261 Aural Skills and Sight Singing 2
  • 262 Arual Skills and Sight Singing 3
  • 311 Music Theory 4
  • 313 Music History 1
  • 314 Music History 2
  • 361 Aural Skills and Sight Singing 4
  • 492 Sight Singing Proficiency (enroll semester of anticipated completion of proficiency requirement)
  • 493 Piano Proficiency (enroll semester of anticipated completion of proficiency requirement)
    • If not completed with MUS 227, MUS 230 M until completed.
  • 494 Senior Recital/Project (enroll semester of anticipated completion of recital/project)

Enrollment (for credit) in at least one of the following large ensembles each semester: MUS 150 Concert Band, MUS 160 Orchestra, MUS 233 A Cappella Choir, or MUS 234 Jazz Band. A minimum of eight credits in large ensembles and a minimum of four credits in small ensembles is required to complete the degree.

In Music Education:

  • 215 Foundations in Music Education/Teaching

The National Association of Schools of Music (accrediting agency) requires 34 (minimum) non-music elective credits. These credits do not include Southwestern College’s general education requirements (33 credits).

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