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A campus and community with deep-rooted and long lasting musical traditions, Southwestern College is a place where all students regardless of major can experience a wide range of musical opportunities and offerings.  Music majors, minors, and non-majors receive a high quality of innovative individualized instruction from award-winning faculty who value life-long learning. 

KaleidoscopeThrough dynamic classroom environments, innovative curriculum and programing, technology, labs, faculty & student performances, leadership & internship opportunities, and faculty collaboration, music majors and minors have the opportunity to gain a holistic knowledge base and skills for a music career in the 21st century. These opportunities and course offerings are also open to non-majors who are given the same individual attention afforded to majors and minors.

Music at SC helps students develop as performers, teachers, and scholars who will be the future professionals and advocates that cultivate the arts and reach out to the next generation of musicians.  Come be a builder of SC’s future in music!

Students may declare a major in music (Bachelor of Arts, Major in Music), music education, (Bachelor of Music, Major in Music Education), or performance (Bachelor of Music, Major in Performance).

Southwestern College is an accredited institutional member of the National Association of Schools of Music.

General Requirements of Music Majors

  • Students entering the music curriculum are required to have an audition and a musicianship evaluation prior to matriculation.
  • Performance Forum, MUS 099, is required each semester, except during student teaching semester. Pianists may accompany for this requirement.
  • A sight singing proficiency and a piano proficiency are requirements for music degrees. Completion of these proficiencies must be satisfied prior to student teaching and graduation.
  • All music majors, unless excused by faculty, must be enrolled in private music lessons each semester in school.
  • A senior recital is required of all students seeking the B.Mus., major in music education and B.Mus., major in performance degrees. Performance majors must also give a full recital in the junior year. B.A., major in music candidates must complete a senior recital or optional requirements outlined in the Music Handbook.
  • The senior project, although recommended, is not required in every case. It may be combined with the senior recital.

Private Music Lessons

Private lessons are offered in increments of one-half, one, two, or three hours of credit. Students enrolling for one-half hours of credit receive a half-hour lesson each week.Students enrolling in one, two, or three hours of credit will receive a one hour lesson each week. All students are expected to practice a minimum of six hours a week per  credit hour. Instruction is offered in the following areas: organ, piano, harpsichord, voice, strings, brass, woodwinds, guitar, percussion, and composition.

B.A., Major in Music

B.Mus., Major in Music Education

B.Mus., Major in Performance

B.F.A., Major in Musical Theatre

Minor in Music

Minor in Music in Worship

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Build an education.

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