Open Call for ‘The Sorcerer’ at Southwestern College

The Community Music School at Southwestern College is looking for chorus members for the upcoming production of Gilbert and Sullivan’s “The Sorcerer,” a comic English opera, on March 4 and 5.

Dylan Moore, director of the Community Music School, describes “The Sorcerer” as an English light opera that will provide Walnut Valley residents a unique experience and immersion into the operatic repertoire.

“We invite any and all to come join the hilarity that is Gilbert and Sullivan’s ‘The Sorcerer’ through being a chorus member,” Moore says. 

Interested chorus members need to contact Moore by Monday, Dec. 12, to schedule a hearing time for placement, which will occur Dec.12-14.  Rehearsals will be every Sunday afternoon starting Jan. 15, and every day during the first week of March. All rehearsals will take place in Darbeth Rehearsal Hall and Richardson Performing Arts Center.

“The Sorcerer” debuted in 1877 and is a comic story following two lovers by the names of Alexis and Aline in their pursuit of unconditional love and adoration. To ensure that Aline truly reciprocates his feelings, Alexis hires a sorcerer to secretly distribute a love potion to the entire town of Ploverleigh. After a momentary slumber, the village awakens, resulting in utter chaos as each citizen instantly falls in love with the wrong person. 

“The ultimate goal of our performance and rehearsal process is to increase awareness of the classical operatic repertoire through the satirical comedy of Gilbert and Sullivan,” Moore adds.

If interested, contact Moore at either (620) 229-6188 or email 

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