Percussion Audition Requirements

For those seeking degrees in:

Bachelor of Music in Performance (percussion emphasis area)
Bachelor of Music in Music Education with an Instrumental emphasis
Bachelor of Arts in Music

Demonstrate proficiency on at least two of the three main percussion areas below.  Each etude or solo should represent student’s current musical and technical development.

Snare Drum

  • Concert Style Etude or Solo
    Recommended – Peters, Advanced Studies for Snare Drum
  • Rudimental Style Etude or Solo
    Recommended – Wilcoxon, The All-American Drummer

Timpani Etude or Solo

  • Recommended – Firth, The Solo Timpanist

Keyboard Percussion Etude or Solo

  • Recommended – Goldenberg, Modern School for Xylophone, Marimba, and Xylophone; Bach Violin Sonatas and Partitas or Cello Suites


  • Drumset styles, hand drumming (conga, djembe, etc.), Multiple Percussion Solo or Etude
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