Course Descriptions

Musical Theatre Courses

MTHR110 Introduction to Musical Theatre
An introductory course in the many facets of musical theatre. Through study and practice students will be exposed to an overview of the history of musical theatre and performance requirements including singing, acting and dance. Credit 2 hours.

MTHR212 Musical Theatre Theory and Analysis
A continuation of MUS 211 involving the broadening harmonic concepts to include seventh chords and chromatic chords as they related to musical theatre repertoire. Special emphasis will be placed on analysis of rhythmic, melodic, and harmonic structures and their relation to form within various musical theatre style periods and repertoire. Students will also continue to develop their aural, keyboard, and music reading skills. Prerequisite: MUS 211 2 credit hours.

MTHR336 Musical Theatre Performance
Develops skills in musical theatre performance, by developing techniques for integration of acting, singing and dancing. Will work with variety of styles of musical theatre performance. Credit 3 hours.

MTHR340 Music Theatre History
Taught as a seminar reading course, providing history of the musical foundation from its roots to contemporary musical theatre, combined with readings of librettos of major works. Credit 3 hours.

MTHR356 Junior Showcase
This is an advanced level performance showcase featuring repertory chosen by student in conference with an instructor. Development of the showcase challenges the student to create, rehearse, and perform a twenty to twenty-five minute sampling of his/her repertoire. Credit 0 hours.

MTHR454 Senior Project or Recital
Project chosen by student and instructor in conference. Development of project to synthesize and integrate theatre knowledge and application. Prerequisite: Consent of instructor. Credit 1 to 3 hours.

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