Course Descriptions

As of Fall 2023, courses of study in Bachelor of Fine Arts Major in Musical Theatre have been discontinued for future enrollments. However, students currently enrolled in these programs will be supported as they complete their degrees or as they transition to other academic programs.

Musical Theatre Courses

MTHR101 Introduction to Musical Theatre Profession 
This course endeavors to introduce students to the rudimentary elements of the field of musical theatre. Topics covered include resume creation, creation and maintenance of websites, reels, and other professional materials as well as audition techniques. Prerequisites: Consent of instructor. Credit 2 hours. 

MTHR102-103-202-203-302-303-402-403 Musical Theatre Workshop 
Every semester, musical theatre students will be introduced to a different topic to meet the ever-changing needs of the job market. Possible topics include pop/rock audition techniques, new musical development, acting through Song, Golden Age, and others. While B.F.A. students in musical theatre are given priority, the course is open to others when space permits. Required each semester for B.F.A. students in musical theatre. Credit 1 hour. 

MTHR336 Musical Theatre Performance 
Develops skills in musical theatre performance, by developing techniques for integration of acting, singing and dancing. Will work with variety of styles of musical theatre performance. Credit 3 hours. 

MTHR340 Music Theatre History 
Taught as a seminar reading course, providing history of the musical foundation from its roots to contemporary musical theatre, combined with readings of librettos of major works. Credit 3 hours. 

MTHR356 Junior Cabaret 
This is an advanced level performance showcase featuring repertory chosen by students in conference with an instructor based on guidelines established by the B.F.A committee. Development of the showcase challenges the student to create, rehearse, and perform a twenty to twenty-five minute sampling of his/her repertoire. Prerequisite: Consent of instructor. Credit 0 hours. 

MTHR454 Senior Showcase 
Student will participate in a staged showcase that will be presented in a major theatre market for industry professionals. Prerequisite: Consent of instructor. Credit 1hour.

*2022-2023 Academic Catalog

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