General Requirements of Musical Theatre Majors

  • Students entering the musical theatre curriculum are required to have an audition and a musicianship evaluation prior to matriculation.
  • Performance Forum, Music 099, is required each semester.
  • A sight singing proficiency and a piano proficiency are requirements for the musical theatre degree.
  • All musical theatre majors, unless excused by faculty, must be enrolled in private voice lessons each semester.
  • A senior project or recital is required of all students seeking the B.F.A., major in Musical Theatre.

B.F.A., Major in Musical Theatre

Major Requirements:

In Musical Theatre:

110 Introduction to Musical Theatre
212 Musical Theatre Theory and Analysis
336 Musical Theatre Performance
340 Musical Theatre History
454 Senior Project or Recital

Cognate Requirements:

In Dance:

130 Jazz 1
131 Tap 1
132 Musical Theatre 1
133 Ballet 1
230 Jazz 2
231 Tap 2
232 Musical Theatre 2
375 Choreography

In Music:

099 Performance Forum (every semester)
112 Music Theory 1
126 Beginning Class Piano 1
127 Beginning Class Piano 2
151M Musical Theatre Ensemble (minimum two semester hours)
151N Broadway Builders
162 Aural Skills and Sight Singing 1
211 Music Theory 2
215 Beginning Conducting
230V Private lessons (8 hours in primary area of study)
233 A Cappella Choir (enrolled every semester)
261 Aural Skills and Sight Singing 2
262 Aural Skills and Sight Singing 3
458 Special Literature Study (minimum four credits/two semesters)
492 Sight Singing Proficiency (enroll semester of anticipated completion of proficiency requirement)
493 Piano Proficiency (enroll semester of anticipated completion of proficiency requirement) If not completed with MUS 127, enroll in MUS 230M until complete.

Enrollment for credit in one of the following ensembles each semester: MUS 151M or MUS 151N.
A minimum of eight hours is required to complete the degree.

In Music Education:

210 Vocal Pedagogy

In Theatre:

111 Theatre Experience
115-116-215-216-315-316-415-416 Goal and Career Development
121-122-221-222-321-322-421-422 Theatre Participation
224 Stage Craft
226 Acting 1
234 Expressive Voice
330 Stage Movement
332 Theatre History 1

Cognate requirement:

In Integrative Arts:

156 Introduction to World Music

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