The department gives the opportunity to all students to develop skills, confidence and poise in various performance situations. It aims to develop the students potential through classroom extra-curricular learning experiences, gives a basic knowledge of the theatre and the work and joy that are part of its creation, and stresses the importance of the arts in our lives as they help us to understand ourselves, others and he world we share. To help foster this growth, the theatre department brings in proffesional artists and particpates annually in two festivals: Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival and the William Inge Festival which also facilitates the 24-Hour Play Festival.


2016-2017 Des Moines, Iowa
KCACTF Region V Website

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William Inge Theatre Festival

Independence, KS
William Inge Theatre Festival Website


24-Hour Play Festival

Southwestern College's own 24-Hour Play Festival.  If you are interested in an entire day of nothing but theatre this is the festival for you.  If you are techie, actor, playwright, or a director we want YOU! Please contact Roger Moon at for more infrormation on how you can be apart of this amazing festival.

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Build an education.

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