Miss Martha Lee, in order to honor outstanding accomplishments and dedication to the theatre, organized Campus Players in 1919. Campus Players recognizes students for their talent, leadership, dedication, and vision. Students who display superior evidence of adherence to the Four Pillars and Love of Theatre are honored through this organization.

Four Pillars

  1. Commitment
    We are loyal to the theatre, this organization, the people in the theatre. We must be committed in every aspect of theatre if we are to succeed.
  2. Perseverance
    We are able to work tirelessly, despite difficulty, to carry out successfully tasks to which we have dedicated ourselves. We must, therefore, clearly focus on the tasks set before us and see them through to completion.
  3. Cooperation
    We are supportive of each other, the faculty, and the student body in order to succeed. We must recognize that each person has the potential to contribute something valuable to the organization as a whole and that no one person can be an organization.
  4. Participation
    We are responsible to give of ourselves. We must each take personal responsibility in order to achieve the success of all Campus Players productions and events.

The Foundation
These pillars cannot stand without the unifying thread of love of theatre. The Campus Players must love all dimensions of theatre, all people involved in the theatre, and our theatre organization in order to bind us together. This love will give us the reason and the strength to uphold the Four Pillars of the Campus Players.

Article I: Title
The title of this organization shall be Campus Players.

Article II: Purpose
The purpose of the Campus Players shall be to honor those individuals who display outstanding dramatic ability, to study dramatics and dramatic functions, and to improve the standard of dramatic presentation at Southwestern College.

Article III: Insignia
The insignia shall be a gold mask pierced vertically with a dagger.

Article IV: Quorum
A quorum shall be represented when eighty percent (80%) of the full members are present.

Article V: Probationary Members
Section 1. All new members shall be admitted for periods of probation to begin in
September, January, and April.

Section 2. Only those students who are regularly enrolled as full-time students at
Southwestern College and have taken part in Campus Players productions are
eligible for election to probationary membership in Campus players.

Section 3. Freshmen are not eligible for probationary status until the month of April of their freshman year.

Section 4. The procedure for election to probationary membership shall be as follows.
    a. Active members will select from a list of newly elected probationary members a person whom they will sponsor.
    b. At the time of election of probationary members, the sponsor shall place the nomination
    c. A person will be eligible for probationary status when he/she has completed two major and two minor activities  in   Campus  Players-sponsored productions. This must include both acting and technical roles, but can be any combination of   both.
    d. (1) Upon election, probationary members shall be sent letters of invitation written by their sponsors.
      (2) The sponsors shall be responsible for seeing that their candidates submit to Campus Players a letter in which they   indicate their interest and willingness to work.
    e. In the event that the sponsor is an outgoing student (one who will not be attending Southwestern College the following year), another active member will take his/her place as advisor if his/her candidate is still of probationary status.
    f. No student shall be a probationary member who is not sponsored by an active member and has not submitted a letter indicating his/her interest and willingness to work.
    g. Probationary status and all requirements achieved toward full membership during the probationary period may be retained for only one year (two semesters). If, at the end of this time, the probationary member has not fulfilled the requirements for full membership, he/she will forfeit probationary status.

Section 5. The procedure for voting on candidates for probationary membership shall be as follows:
     a. Meetings to grant probationary status shall be closed meetings of the full members to take place at the ends of regularly scheduled meetings of the Campus Players in any of the months enumerated in Section 1 of Article V.
     b. All members must vote.
     c. Each candidate must receive the approval of eighty percent (80%) of the active members in order to become a probationary member.
     e. Voting shall be by secret ballot.

Article VI: Achieving Full Membership
Section 1. In order to become an active full member of Campus Players, a probationary member must have successfully completed an acting role in a Campus Players production and be faithfully executing a production staff duty in a forthcoming Campus Players production or must have successfully completed a production staff duty in a Campus Players production and be faithfully executing a lead action role in a forthcoming Campus Players production. One of the above must be a major role or duty. Major role shall be defined as a lead acting role as determined by the leadership position as determined by the production's director. Major duty shall be defined as a production leadership position as defined by the production staff. The probationary member must also successfully complete an apprenticeship under his/her sponsor, or suitable person found by their sponsor.

Section 2. Confirmation of completion of probation requirements shall be by eighty percent (80%) of the vote of all active members.

Article VII: Full Membership
Section 1. Each full member will fulfill the following requirements in order to remain a Campus Player.
    a. Be active in every Campus Player production during each semester at some level of involvement. Level of involvement is to be decided by production staff.
    b. Fulfill one major acting or technical role each semester.
    c. Adhere to the attendance policy described in Article XI, Section 2.

Section 2. If the above requirements are not met, the following disciplinary actions shall be taken.
    a. For requirements described in Article VII, Section 1, a. and b., the member shall be notified of the requirements he or she has not fulfilled at the end of the semester in question. The following semester that member must carry out a suitable project agreed upon by the President and organizational sponsors, and voted upon by all full members, in addition to fulfilling the requirements described in Section 1. Failure to do so will result in the demotion of the member to probationary status..
    b. Demotion of the member to probationary status will be made by a majority vote of eighty percent (80%).
    c. Disciplinary action for Section 1 shall remain the same as described in Article XI, Section 2.
All members shall have the right to appellate hearing with the President, Executive Assistant and organizational sponsors, in order to explain and defend their case both prior to the implementation of their disciplinary project and before their demotion to probationary status. The member shall also hold the right to bring their case before the organization if they feel the appellate hearing was biased.

Section 3. In addition to the requirements described in Section 1, it is expected that all full members shall:
    a. Maintain and uphold the four pillars.
    b. Continue the leadership and growth they exhibited as probationary members.
    c. Treat all members of the theatre department with equal respect.
    d. Remain dedicated to the purpose of the organization as described in Article II.

Article VIII: Inactive Status
Section 1. Inactive status shall be available for any probationary or full member who feels that they will be unable to maintain their commitment to the organization for any given semester. The organization shall recognize two types of inactive status:
    a. Logistical inactive status for those students studying abroad, student teaching, or away from Southwestern College for other academic reasons.
    b. Personal Reasons

Section 2. Students seeking inactive status must submit their request to the President or Executive Assistant within the first two weeks of the semester in which they hope to attain inactive status. Inactive status shall be awarded as follows: for type b students, the student must present their request in person to the President, Executive Assistant, and organizational sponsors, who will meet and decide the validity of the request. Upon validation of the request, the president will present the case to the organization.

Article IX: Elected Officers
Section 1. The officers shall be: President, Executive Assistant, Members Master, Historian.
The powers and duties of the President shall be as follows:
    (1) To preside over meetings.
    (2) To call special meetings.
    (3) To appoint special committees.
The powers and duties of the Executive Assistant shall be as follows:
    (1) To preside when the president is absent.
    (2) To keep records of the organizational meetings(i.e. proceedings and attendance) and maintain correspondence on a per annum basis.
The powers and duties of the Members Master shall be as follows:
    (1) To keep records of all roles and duties successfully fulfilled by each of the members (full and probationary) of Campus Players and candidates for probationary status.
    (2) To organize and maintain regular contact with sponsors of probationary members.
    (3) To be a resource for those interested in Campus Players.
The Powers and duties of the Historian shall be as follows:
    (1) To maintain records of all Campus Players-sponsored events.
    (2) To maintain records of the minutes of Campus Players meetings of previous years.

Section 2. Election of officers shall be as follows:
    a. Officers for the upcoming year shall be elected during the spring term prior to their service.
    b. Election shall be by simple majority vote.
    c. Voting shall be by secret ballot.

Article X: Simple resolutions and Amendments
Section 1. An eighty percent (80%) vote of the quorum shall be needed to pass a simple resolution. A simple resolution shall be defined as any resolution other than one of the following:
    a. Amendments to the Constitution.
    b. Probationary and active membership.

Section 2. Amendments shall be defined as additions to this Constitution and shall require a vote of eighty percent (80%) of the full active membership for passage.

Section 3. There will be no abstentions on issues other than simple resolutions.

Article XI: Meetings
Section 1. Official meetings shall take place every first and third Tuesday at 5:05 P.M.

Section 2. Attendance at all meetings is required. Absences will be noted as follows.
    a. An excused absence occurs when the officers and sponsors are informed of an unavoidable absence prior to an official meeting.
    b. An unexcused absence occurs when the officers and sponsors have not been informed of an absence prior to an official meeting.
    c. The accumulation of three excused absences shall be considered an unexcused absence
    d. The accumulation of four unexcused absences for a probationary member shall result in the removal of his/her probationary status.
    e. Three unexcused absences in one semester's time for a full member shall result in that member's demotion to probationary status, and one additional unexcused absence in that semester's time shall be allowed for said member, upon the accumulation of which the member shall be removed from the organization.
    f. A warning will be sent to each member after the accumulation of two unexcused absences in one semester.

Article XII: Ratification
Section 1. A vote of eighty percent (80%) of the full membership of the Campus Playersshall be necessary for ratification of this Constitution.

Section 2. After ratification, this Constitution shall become effective and all previous Campus Players Constitutions shall be deemed void no later than the 20th day of April in the year Nineteen Hundred and Ninety-nine.

Section 3. Members who are currently under the previous Constitution concerning inactive status, are not committed to the provisions of this Constitution.

Section 4. All probationary members brought into the organization in the spring of Nineteen Hundred and Ninety-nine will follow all provisions set by this Constitution.



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