Miss Martha Lee, in order to honor outstanding accomplishments and dedication to the theatre, organized Campus Players in 1919. Campus Players recognizes students for their talent, leadership, dedication, and vision. Campus players is to honor those who display outstanding commitment, perseverance, cooperation and participation in theatre. The Campus Players must work tirelessly in order to carry out the tasks set before us, each of us giving all we can. Remembering to care and respect one another is important to each member, and to the organization as a whole. We will give as much as we are capable back to the school, the faculty, and the community. We are dedicated to a love and support of theater, the community, and each other.

Article I: Title

The title of this organization shall be Campus Players.

Article II: Insignia

The insignia shall be a mask pierced vertically with a dagger.

Article III: Purpose

The purpose of Campus Players shall be to honor those individuals who display outstanding dramatic ability, commitment to dramatic functions, and to improve the standard of dramatic presentation at Southwestern College.

Article IV: Quorum

A quorum shall be represented when eighty percent (80%) of the active members (full and probationary) are present.

Article V: Elected Officers

Section 1. The officers shall be: President, Vice President, Members Master, Treasurer, and Historian.

A. The powers and duties of the President shall be as follows:

(1) To preside over meetings.

                                    (2) To call special meetings.

                                    (3) To appoint special committees.

(4) Ensure that those outside of the organization are aware of Campus Player functions

B. The powers and duties of the Vice President shall be as follows:

                        (1) To preside when the president is absent.

(2) To keep records of the organizational meetings (i.e. proceedings and attendance) and maintain correspondence.

(3) To give at least 72 hours’ notice before each official campus players meeting.

C. The powers and duties of the Members Master shall be as follows:

(1) To keep records of all roles and duties fulfilled by each of the members (full and probationary) of Campus Players and candidates for probationary status.

(2) To organize and maintain regular contact with mentors and apprenticeship mentors of probationary members.

(3) To monitor and assure attendance.

(4) To be a resource for those interested in Campus Players, including welcoming new students, and being sure that anyone interested in theater has an understanding of what Campus Players is.

                D. The powers and duties of the Treasurer shall be as follows:

(1) To deal with the spending and money of the organization

(2) To actively seek out funding for organizational activities

(3) To prepare a funding report that is presentable to the college and to other members of Campus Players.

(4) The Treasurer must oversee all spending in the organization.  

E. The powers and duties of the Historian shall be as follows:

                        (1) To maintain records of all Campus Players-sponsored events.

(2) To maintain records of the notes of Campus Players meetings of previous years.

(4) Maintain the Campus Players Hallway.

                F. No person shall hold more than one of these positions, except in the case that there are not enough full members to cover all office positions.

G. No member of the executive team has any immunity to the rules and regulations of this constitution.

Section 2. Election of officers shall be as follows:

a. Officers for the upcoming year shall be elected during the spring term prior to their service.

b. A quorum of campus players must be present.  Election shall be by simple majority vote.

                c. Voting shall be by secret paper ballot.

        Section 3. Loss of executive team members

a. When an executive team member is lost due to any reason an election as described in Article V, Section 2 shall take place to replace them.

Article VI: Probationary Members

Section 1. A person will be eligible for probationary status when he/she has completed two major and two minor activities in Campus Players-sponsored productions. This must include both acting and technical roles, but can be any combination of both.

Section 2. New members shall be admitted for periods of probation to begin in September, January, and April.

Section 3. Only those students who are regularly enrolled as full-time students at Southwestern College and have taken part in Campus Players productions are eligible for probationary membership in Campus players.

Section 4. Freshmen are not eligible for probationary status until the month of April of their freshman year.

Section 5. Students transferring to Southwestern from other colleges may count their previous shows, as long as they were done at a collegiate level. These transfer students must have participated in at least two Campus Player productions before becoming a probationary member.

Section 6. The procedure for election to probationary membership shall be as follows:

a. In a meeting without probationary members, each member who has reached the requirements for probationary membership shall be placed on the table by the members master of the organization.

b. The members master shall read each of the requirements, and explain how the inductee has reached these requirements.

c. Discussion will be opened by the president.

d. A vote by members of Campus Players shall take place by secret paper ballot. A quorum (excluding probationary members) is required to vote on probationary members. A 70% majority is required to allow probationary membership. These votes shall be counted aloud by the president in the meeting. A faculty sponsor must see each vote.

e. A full member must be selected to mentor the probationary member into full member status.

  1. This member must be capable of remaining with their mentee until his or her induction into full member status.
  2. If a mentor is removed from the organization before the mentee moves to full member status, a new mentor must be selected.

f.  Upon election, probationary members shall be sent formal letters of invitation written by the president of the organization.

g. To accept probationary status each inductee must bring a written letter to the Campus Players accepting or declining their membership. If they accept, the letter must demonstrate their willingness to work, and what they plan to bring to the organization. They must stand (if able) and read it aloud in a Campus Players meeting.

h. Probationary status lasts for only one year (two semesters and one summer). If, at the end of this time, the probationary member has not fulfilled the requirements for full membership, a vote will be held with quorum of Campus Players. A majority is required to renew probationary status.

Article VII: Achieving Full Membership

        Section 1. 

  1. In order to become a full member of Campus Players, a probationary member must have successfully completed all the following at Southwestern College, from the time of their appointment to probationary status:

(1) One major role in either acting or a technical aspect in a Campus Player production

(2) One acting role either major or minor and one technical role either major or minor in a Campus Player production

(3) One leadership position in which the probationary member has not participated in before, in a Campus Player production. This shall be an apprenticeship under their mentor, or another suitable person.

b.  A major acting or technical role shall be defined by the production's director.

  1. Student directors should have the help of the advisor(s) (of Campus Players) before deciding this.

c.  One summer role, acting or technical, may count toward the requirements stated in Article VII, Section 1a. 

  1. Apprenticeships, as stated in Article VII, Section 1a, may not come from summer work. 

Section 2. The procedure for voting in of full members shall be as follows.

a.  In a meeting without probationary members; each member who has reached the requirements for full membership shall be placed on the table by the Members Master of the organization.

b. The members master shall read each of the requirements, and explain how the inductee has reached these requirements.

c. Discussion will be opened by the president.

d. A vote by members of Campus Players shall take place by raising of hands. A quorum is required to vote on full members. A 80% majority is required to allow full membership.

e. New members shall be inducted (if possible) before the opening of the next show. They shall be offered a single rose by their mentor. By accepting the rose they become a full Campus Player. 

Section 3. Honorary members may be voted in to campus players without being a student at Southwestern College via the same process for electing full members. These members should have a significant and ongoing contribution to campus players, but are not required  to adherence to attendance policies. These members are entitled to a special caricature and the title of Mr., Miss or Mrs. in front of their name when mentioned in programs.

Article VIII: Membership

Section 1. Each member (Full and probationary) will fulfill and maintain the following requirements in order to remain a Campus Player.

a. Be active in all mainstage Campus Player productions, with the inclusion of Eagerheart, during each semester at some level of involvement.

                b. Attend Saturday workdays.  Unexcused absences from Saturday workdays will require members to adhere to the disciplinary actions from Article VIII, Section 2a. 

                c. Adhere to the attendance policy in Article XII section 3.

Section 2. If the above requirements are not met, the following disciplinary actions shall be taken.

a. For requirements described in Article VII, Section 1, a. and b., the member shall write a letter of apology to the organization, bring the written copy to the next meeting, and read it to the members. This letter must include a process the member will take to fix their previous problems, and what they will do to make up for their error.  Failure to do so will result in the removal of the member.

b. Removal of the member will be made by a majority vote of a quorum.

c. Disciplinary action for absences is discussed in Article XII Section 2.  

d. All members shall have the right to appellate hearing with the President, Vice President and organizational sponsors, in order to explain and defend their case both prior to the implementation of their disciplinary letter and before their removal from the organization. The member shall also hold the right to bring their case before the organization if they feel the appellate hearing was biased.

Section 3. In addition to the requirements described in Section 1, it is expected that all full members shall:

                a. Maintain the qualities and ideals of Campus players as discussed in article 3.

(1) All Campus players will adhere tightly to Southwestern College's rules and policies. Major violations of these policies will be met with disciplinary action as stated in Article VIII section 2.

b. Continue the leadership and growth they exhibited as probationary member.

c. Treat all members of the theatre department and community with equal respect.

d. Remain dedicated to the purpose of the organization as described in Article II.

Section 4. Rewards for membership are given either when the Campus Player graduates, or when he or she completes his or her program at Southwestern. The rewards shall be as follows:

a. Before the graduating ceremony each Campus Player shall receive a honor cord to wear at graduation.

b. Upon completion of their program at Southwestern College a caricature shall be made, framed, and hung in the Campus Players Hallway.

Section 5. Graduate students are allowed to retain their active membership until they leave Southwestern College.

Article IX: Inactive Status

Section 1. Inactive status shall be available for any probationary or full member who feels that they will be unable to maintain their commitment to the organization for any given semester. The organization shall recognize three types of inactive status:

a. Logistical Reasons

(1) This includes: those students studying abroad, student teaching, or away from Southwestern College for other reasons.

(2) The problem must be brought forth to a quorum of Campus Players at a normal meeting time.

(3) A simple majority vote is required to allow inactive status for logistical reasons.

b. Academic reasons

(1) This includes: Time taken off for professional development, and time taken off to focus on grades and the education

(2). The problem must be brought forth first to the executive team, and if they deem it valid, to a quorum of Campus Players at a normal meeting time.

(3). A majority vote of 70% of a quorum is required to allow inactive status for academic reasons.

                c. Personal reasons

(1). The problem must be brought forth first to the executive team, and if they deem it valid, to a quorum of Campus Players at a normal meeting time.

(2). A majority vote of 90% is required to allow inactive status for personal reasons.

Article X: Simple resolutions and Amendments

Section 1. Majority vote of the quorum shall be needed to pass a simple resolution. A simple resolution shall be defined as any resolution other than one of the following:

                a. Amendments to the Constitution

                b. Matters of Membership

Section 2. Amendments shall be defined as additions or changes to this Constitution and shall require a vote of eighty percent (80%) of the full and probationary active membership for passage.

Section 3. There will be no abstentions on issues other than simple resolutions.

Article XI: Committees

Section 1. When deemed necessary for certain purposes the president may create certain committees that may be used to decide or work on certain matters that may require more work or communication than a normal meeting may require.

Section 2. A committee may also be called by a majority vote of a quorum of active Campus Players.

Article XII: Meetings

Section 1. The advisors, and all Probationary or Full Campus Players must attend official meetings. Those who are not members of the organization may be specifically invited to attend these meetings. A non-member may be invited or approved by the officers or advisors of the organization.

Section 2. Official meetings shall take place at least twice a month.

Section 3. Attendance at all official meetings is required. Absences will be noted as follows.

a. An excused absence occurs when at least one officer and sponsor are informed at least 24 hours in advance of an unavoidable absence prior to an official meeting.

b. An unexcused absence occurs when the officers and sponsors have not been informed of an absence prior to an official meeting.

  1. Special meetings do not count toward this count.

c. The accumulation of two excused absences shall be considered an unexcused absence.

d. The accumulation of two unexcused absences for a probationary member shall result in the removal of his/her probationary status.

e. Two unexcused absences in one semester's time is allowed for a full member. Three shall result in that member's demotion to probationary status One additional unexcused absence in that semester's time and the offending member shall be removed from the organization.

f. A warning will be sent to each member after any unexcused absence by an officer.

Article XIII: Ratification

Section 1. After ratification, changes in this Constitution shall become effective and all previous Campus Players Constitutions shall be deemed void.

Section 2. Anyone who graduated under previous constitutions are not entitled to anything laid out in this current constitution.

Section 3. Current probationary members are entitled to continuing through the program as laid out in the previous constitution.


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