Masterbuilders Announced at Southwestern College

Masterbuilders for the 2012-2013 academic year at Southwestern College were named during Honors Convocation Saturday, May 4.  The honor of Masterbuilder is given to graduating seniors who best typify the spirit of Southwestern. 

Masterbuilders 12-13

The Student Government Association initiates the process for naming Masterbuilders by calling for each member to nominate students.  The list of students who receive a vote are then submitted to a faculty vote.  Finally, the entire student body votes, choosing recipients from the names remaining on the list. 

Masterbuilders for 2012-2013 include: Clint Dick, Spivey; Sally McGuire, Denton, Texas; Derreck Carter-House, Conway Springs; Meeka Gentry and Hannah Podschun, Winfield; Jessie Riggs, Wellington; and Kaley Rodriguez, Salina.


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Build an education.

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