SCPB Activities

The Southwestern College Philanthropy Board (SCPB) is involved in a number of activities on campus and in the community.  Below are some of the initiatives the board is involved in.

Kids Impact Cowley County (K.I.C.C.)

Kicking KICC






KICC teaches high school-aged youth about philanthropy, leadership and teamwork.  Youth learn about the needs and assets of the region, then use that knowledge to work together to award grant money to projects that benefit Cowley County youth.  Several partners are involved in K.I.C.C., including the funder, Legacy Regional Community Foundation, the high school participants, Winfield, Ark City, and Central Burden high schools, and the facilitators, the SCPB and Leadership Southwestern.  The SC board members meet with K.I.C.C. participants to help them discuss community needs, develop and distribute an RFP, and then finally to determine the recipient of a $500 grant award.  K.I.C.C. is a unique program in which college students have the opportunity to be philanthropy teachers and mentors to high school students.

Philanthropy and Grant Making Class SOCS255

Southwestern College offers a Philanthropy and Grants course in the spring semester each year.  In the class students explore the philanthropic process, nonprofit organizations and their boards. Students also have opportunities to explore and practice grant writing, fundraising, strategic grant-making, and sustainable philanthropic impact through voluntary action.  The student-led Southwestern College Philanthropy Board (SCPB) provides consultation and oversight to class grant-making endeavors and helps to facilitate class sessions.  The class will have access to SCPB funds to distribute to grant winners selected by the SCPB.

Philanthropy Awareness Week (P.A.W.)

Crowd at 2011 awards ceremony






P.A.W. is a fun week on the Southwestern campus in October in which the SCPB tries to raise awareness amongst fellow students about the benefits of philanthropy.  The SCPB promotes the idea that Philanthropy can be the giving of one's time, talents, or treasure (resources) to make a difference for the common good.  Former P.A.W. activities have consisted of: a Dollar Campaign in which SC students could donate a dollar to the grant funds of the SCPB and color a Jinx Cat; a Nonprofit Fair, in which students could visit the booths of different nonprofits in the area to learn about internship and volunteer opportunities; and a humorous skit at Chapel about the definition of philanthropy.  In future years, the board hopes to additionally host a Philanthropy Seminar for nonprofit board members to discuss how to best utilize their time, talents and treasure.