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Are you passionate about helping the Cowley County community grow?  The Southwestern College Philanthropy Board might be the perfect organization for you to invest in!  A donation to the SCPB will allow college students to learn about philanthropy and practice stewardship principles that can last a lifetime.  By channeling charitable gifts through the college, students are able to become part of the giving process at a young age, creating a cycle of giving for generations to come.  Simultaneously, your funding will also be funneled into the community by allowing students to assess nonprofit needs and award grant money. 

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Read What Others Have to Say About the Value of the SCPB

"Because things go wrong in the world, we need the non-profit sector now more than ever. If you are like me, I have been deeply concerned about who the new philanthropists would be. The cutting-edge Southwestern College Philanthropy Board (SCPB) brings an exciting new dimension to building philanthropists and philanthropy in our community. With an emphasis on community-based knowledge and investigation of community issues, the student volunteers serving on the SCPB strive to achieve philanthropic goals such as sustainable funding for community agencies as they learn...A gift to the SCPB will have a lasting impact on our new philanthropists for the benefit of our community."
  -Heidi Hill, SCPB Donor & Southwestern College Affiliate Instructor

"Our experiences with SCPB have not only provided us with funding to improve our program, but have also been wonderful opportunities for us to connect with the college and its students.  We are extremely grateful to SCPB for their support of our organization and other local nonprofits, as well as for their commitment to teaching SC students the importance of philanthropy."                                                                                                                                                                        -Ruth Bumgarner SCPB Grant Recipient and Non-profit Development Direcctor

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If you are interested in helping college students become educated and empowered members of a healthy community, please contact or call (620) 229-6393.  To make a tax-dedcutible donation to the SCPB, please send a check to: Southwestern College, Attn. Leadership SCPB, 100 College St. Winfield, KS 67156.


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