Grant Recipient

The first path to playing eSports for SC is as an eSports grant recipient. These annual renewable grants of up to $5,000 provide for membership as a "participant" or as a "competitor."

Participants attend all eSports activities. They also assist in managing events, managing streams, doing analytics of players and in-game choices, shoutcasting, plus growing a network of eSports events and the development of the gaming community in the region. Of course, they also practice their gaming skills with the goal of becoming a competitor.

Competitors have priority access to the computers and ports in the eSports Center, a college-provided annual membership in TeSPA, and a vote on gaming software to be purchased for use in the eSports Center.

All grant recipients must maintain at least a 2.0-grade point average and must abide by the eSports sportsman-like conduct agreement.

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Build a life

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