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As a non-commercial educational (NCE) station licensed by the FCC, KSWC falls under the same underwriting requirements as National Public Radio stations and PBS TV stations. The Congress and FCC require that NCE stations remain free of “paid advertising”. At the same time, both realize that these stations would not exist without funding support from individuals and businesses. Accordingly, the government has created a special type of “Image Advertising” tailored to the special circumstances of NCE broadcasters. This is called “enhanced

NCE stations may, under the laws and FCC rules, gratefully acknowledge underwriting donations on the air, and may set a schedule defining the number of “thank you” acknowledgments per amount donated. All donations are 100% tax-deductible! KSWC broadcasts one underwriting announcement for approximately $2.50 donated according to the monthly schedule below.


  • $50 – One Announcement per day, Mon-Fri between 6a and 10p, for one calendar month.
  • $100 – Two Announcements per day, Mon-Fri between 6a and 10p, for one calendar month.
  • $150 – Three Announcements per day, Mon-Fri between 6a and 10p, for one calendar month.
  • $200 – Four Announcements per day, Mon-Fri between 6a and 10p, for one calendar month.

Sports Broadcasting Announcements

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The FCC has established specific rules pertaining to the wording of underwriting announcements:

  • In accordance with FCC rules, an underwriting announcement may identify the name of the donor company, the type of business, service, or products carried (up to three), a “value-neutral” company slogan or “catchphrase” and contact information (telephone number, address, or web site).
  • An underwriting announcement may NOT include a “call to action”, any price information, or convey a sense of urgency.

The typical underwriting announcement may sound something like this: 

“Programming on KSWC is made possible, in part, by a donation from Donut Joe, providing donuts and other treats at 555 Main Street since 1984. Further information may be found at or by calling 555.555.5555.”

Each underwriting donation to KSWC will be acknowledged throughout an entire month. You may prepay as many months in advance as you wish. All donations and information for the announcements need to be received a week prior to the beginning of the desired air dates to give our volunteer staff time to record and schedule your acknowledgments.

Missed announcements due to technical difficulties will be rescheduled to air at a later date, we are unable to refund donations.


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