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Bishop Scholars PhotoThe Bishop Scholars program is a result of the efforts of Bishop Wilke which he began shortly after he became the Bishop in Residence at Southwestern College. The program began officially in the fall of 1997 when the first Bishop Scholars enrolled on campus. Because of Bishop Wilke’s global relationships with the United Methodist Church, he was able to reach out and make the program known.

Over the years, more than 100 students with a Bishop Scholarship have graduated from Southwestern College. They have come from all parts of the globe and are making a positive difference throughout the world today. Students interested in attending Southwestern who have ties to the church, are from outside the United States, are involved in their local ministry, and wish to participate in the Leadership Team, the Discipleship Team, or the Worship Outreach program are encouraged to apply.

Bishop Scholarship

The Bishop Scholarship is awarded annually for $5000. This is a gift of the Institute for Discipleship. The college provides the remainder and majority of the funding to make the four years at Southwestern College possible for Bishop Scholars to graduate without debt.  Two scholarships are awarded each year for a Fall semester start.  The deadline to apply is March 1.

Scholarship decisions are based on the following criteria:

  • All required documentation submitted to Southwestern College and accepted to Southwestern College by March 1 deadline.
  • International Status
  • Church affiliation and involvement
  • Full-time enrollment in Main-Campus degree-seeking program.
  • Intent to participate in Leadership Team, Discipleship Team, or Worship Outreach.

Bishop Scholarship Application


Bishop Scholars on Facebook To connect with the Bishop Scholars who have graduated from SC, you can join the Bishop Scholars and Friends Facebook Group.


The continuation of this scholarship depends on the generosity of individuals around the globe who feel that quality higher education can help students make a difference in the world. The IFD is currently in a $1,000,000 campaign for this program. Questions about the campaign and becoming a Bishop Scholars donor can be sent to Chery Rude at

Send gifts to: 

Institute for Discipleship - Bishop Scholarship
100 College Street
Winfield, KS  67156

To give a gift online, CLICK HERE. Be sure to make note that your gift is for the IFD-Bishop Scholars

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For additional information, contact Cheryl Rude at


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