Upcoming Shows

Fools on the Hill

A Night of Spooktacular Scenes

Meet us at the top of the 77 steps. (Various locations around campus)

Adult language and themes. Admission is free.

The student directed works feature 6 Spooktacular scenes and 2 short plays.

Includes scenes from:

  • Wait Until Dark
  • Sherlock Holmes: Baskerville
  • Blithe Spirit
  • The Haunting of Hill House
  • Nightfall with Edger Allen Poe
  • Go Look
  • Murder by Midnight

The student directors are members of the Directing 1 class.  They include Hannah Breshears, Jessica Burk, Jamieson Campo, Merie Campo, Carson Davis,  Shawn Knepper, Missy Rayl.

The scenes will be performed at 7 different locations around campus: Christy, Darbeth, Deets Library, Student Center, and the hill.

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