Financial Aid

We want to make sure that a great college education is affordable for everyone, which is why we offer a variety of financial aid options. Learn whether SC is affordable for you, see how much financial aid you can get, or see whether one of our scholarships will meet your needs. If you have questions about financial aid, contact Stephannie DeLong, our Vice President for Enrollment Management, at (620) 229-6241.

Earning a college degree is a life-changing achievement.

Compared to people who don't earn a degree, college graduates have better and more secure jobs and enjoy more interesting careers. They earn far more money. They even live longer.

A college degree is worth sacrificing for and it's worth planning for.

Very few people are able to purchase a new home with cash. They need a "big picture" plan before making such a big investment. The same is true for a college education. Going to college is a very smart investment in your future, but you need a financial plan to make it happen and you need to pick the college that will bring you the best possible return on your investment.

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Build a life

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