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The Southwestern Difference

SC students love to uncover and discover new ways of doing things, and we continually strive to find a better way for them to learn. We provide a personal educational experience that allows our students to go beyond the borders of the classroom. To uncover what really matters. To discover themselves.

Motivated Teachers

Our instructors are industry leaders, literary scholars, and forerunners in their fields. But our instructors don’t stop when the class session ends — they work one-on-one with students after hours. They provide hands-on lessons to get your children engaged. They establish a safe and collaborative work environment. They set out to change the way your children see the world. Our instructors get to know all students on a personal and professional level and they establish a strong foundation on which your child can succeed.

Graduate with Honor

Our students learn more than facts and statistics. Our students graduate with critical thinking abilities, professional communication skills, and the ability to think deeply about a subject. All of our graduates enjoy placement in a variety of professions from dentistry and optometry to physical therapy and veterinary science. We like to tell our students that it isn’t just about job placement rates. Students who are dedicated, hard-working, and who persevere will be able to find a job no matter their major. Southwestern College graduates are thriving in the workforce, at internships, at graduate schools, and at private universities.

A Message for Parents: Straight Talk About the Cost and the Value of College

Despite what the critics of higher education claim, it is essential for your child to earn a college degree if he or she can. People who tell you otherwise are mistaken, pure and simple.
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Build a life

Build a life

Students are what make Student Life happen!

From carnivals to concerts, from Sutton Center to Campus Life, the Office of Student Affairs is available for you, the student.

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