On this page you can find information and links that will help to reduce inefficiencies in the building(s) on your church campus.


Camp AldersgateLEED Certification 

What is LEED-- check NRDC out to find the answer

Read an article about the first LEED certified church in the United States:

(Pictured to the left:  Camp Aldersgate, Little Rock, AR. A LEED certified camp commons building affiliated with the UMC. Click the photo to read more)


U.S. Green building Council

Greener Buildings Blog


GoGreen Fast Facts:

Congregations that practice environmental stewardship can save 30% on their utility bills, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. 

Flushing a toilet ONCE in the western world is equivalent to the amount of water that the average person in a developing nation uses in a day for washing, drinking, cleaning and cooking-- 10 liters.





Clip from the documentary RENEWAL, find out more at


GoGreen Tip:
Refrigerated vending machines consume 400 watts of energy, for annual operating cost of $225.  Ask your machine provider to turn off the the display light; saving up to $100 each year.  Visit to learn about the installation of an energy saving device on your vending machine that could save 40% of electricity costs.

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Build a life

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