SC Professor Releases Poetry Book

Southwestern College professor Bill DeArmond has just released his sixth book, “Silence Before the Storm.”

The book is a collection of poems that DeArmond has written since 1962.

“It’s a 50-year collection of poems that I have written,” DeArmond says.  “It includes the first poem I ever wrote, ‘The Divine Eraser.’”
DeArmond says that he had to sift through 150 poems before he narrowed it down to

Bill Dearmond

about 75.

“I don’t like rhyming poetry unless they are funny,” DeArmond says.  “This book has poetry in it that everybody can relate to.  There are poems about love, my experiences in Korea, a section on spiritual material that is non-denominational, and even a section of palindromes.”

Previous works by DeArmond include three collections of stories – “Mortal Silence, Graveyard Talk,” “Hail, Freedonia! and Other Tales,” and “Visions of Shadow and Light” as well as “The Quest for Rational Faith: Common Beliefs Across Sacred Traditions” and “Serving Compassionate Conservatives, a Cookbook.”
DeArmond’s books are available at College Hill Coffee, Moonshadows Book Store, and at the Moundbuilder Market.  They may also be purchased by calling DeArmond at (620) 229-6337. 


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