Moundbuilder Market Now Online

Southwestern College alumni and friends are only a few clicks from showing their Builder pride with the new online presence of the Moundbuilder Market. Monday, July 2, is launch date for The site will feature SC’s branded clothing and gift items of all kinds, and proceeds will benefit college programs.

Launch of the site expands the reach of the traditional campus bookstore around the world. With alumni and current learners now found in all corners of the globe, this instant access to Moundbuilder gear is expected to appeal to shoppers of all ages. The store is an Amazon Webstore, so it will have the functionality of one of the most recognized names in internet commerce.

The site can be located at

“When the college made the decision to not be in the business of selling books, this freed us to think of the best way to reach people who might want an SC t-shirt or a gift for an alum,” says Jason VenJohn, market manager. “We looked at a lot of different models and the online store made the most sense.”

In addition to clothing of all kinds (t-shirts, hoodies, sweatpants, hats, and other items), the store has gift items such as drinking glasses, blankets, pennants, and license plates. All are branded with the distinctive Jinx or Southwestern College logos, and are aimed at both campus and Professional Studies audiences.

“To celebrate the grand opening we’re offering a 10 percent discount on all purchases made through the store,” VenJohn adds. “Shoppers should enter the code JINX0001 at check-out.”

Special sales also are being offered on shatter shirts and dinner glasses.

For more information about the Moundbuilder Marketplace, contact VenJohn at

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