Michelle Pentz to be Featured on 'Hatteberg's People' on Sunday Evening

Michelle Pentz, performing arts and discipleship recruitment coordinator at Southwestern College, will be featured on “Hatteberg’s People” which will air on Wichita television station KAKE (channel 10 in Winfield) during the 10 p.m. newscast on Sunday, June 2. 

Pentz works days at Southwestern College but in her spare time she recycles car parts, coat hangers, or anything she can get her hands on and welds them into art.  She then donates that recycled art to area fundraisers.  For example she donates to the Humane Society and the Winfield Chamber of Commerce for their fundraisers. 

“I like to donate whatever time and products I happen to have that fit a need,” Pentz says. 

Pentz says that the experience of having the spotlight on her was amazing, humbling, and a little sobering.

“While I am completely honored, I don't think I'm worthy of such attention,” Pentz says.  “Each one of us has our own story, and live our own version of ‘right.’  The fact that mine has been spotlighted is incredible.”

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