Strategic Plan

Southwestern College 2028: Building Our Future 

April 2023 - Updated October 2023 

Christy and 77 with flowersForeword 

As the 20th President of Southwestern College, I am excited to present to faculty, staff, students, alumni, and members of the Winfield and Cowley County communities, Southwestern College 2028: Building Our Future. As a new member of the college community, I am grateful for the steady work of the Strategic Planning Committee (SPC), the Cabinet, faculty and staff and community members as part of two strategic planning events. The many contributions of these individuals helped to provide the necessary framework to establish goals that guide the future of our beloved Southwestern College. 

Charge to the SPC: Guided by the context of higher education today and in the future, particularly for small, private, liberal arts institutions and SC Global programs, the needs of our community and region, and leveraging the College’s strengths, together create a strategic plan that will chart a path for Southwestern College’s future over the next five years to a more sustainable future, greater institutional vitality and the opportunity to achieve our mission. 

The SPC was made up of a diverse group of faculty, staff, trustees, and a community member to ensure our many voices and perspectives were included in developing the plan. 

Strategic Goals

SC 2028: Building Our Future will be a living document that guides the work of the Main Campus and SC Global campus community over the next five years. While guided by three interrelated goals, we will remain open to opportunities aligned with the goals, our mission, identity, and strategic direction.

The three goals are:

1) By 2028, SC will be a dynamic and bold campus community that leads the industry in graduating students prepared to better their communities and the world through their work and service

2) Expand and strengthen SC's contributions and impact on Winfield, the local communities, the greater Wichita area and the region's social, economic and educational development

3) Strengthen SC's resources, making investments to secure the future

The creativity of the campus community will be brought together as we strive to realize our vision for 2028. Most importantly, the SC 2028: Building Our Future strategic plan puts student success and institutional vitality in the center of our work, keeping us true to SC’s heritage, values, and mission. 

Build an education.

Build an education.

Academic excellence sets SC apart.

36 main campus and 16 professional studies undergraduate majors, 27 minors, teacher certification in 5 areas, and 6 graduate programs.