BA Major in Liberal Arts & Sciences

B.A., Major in Liberal Arts and Sciences

The major requires students to take three disciplinary concentrations in the form of minors or in the case of an academic department in which a minor does not exist a student under the direction of an advisor can choose 18 hours from that academic department as one of the three concentrations. The three disciplinary concentrations offer students curricular flexibility and an opportunity to explore a broad background. The capstone component provides students an opportunity to integrate the three areas of knowledge in the form of an independent study, practicum, or internship. A minimum of 2.5 G.P.A in the major requirements is required.

Students majoring in liberal arts and sciences must choose a lead advisor from one of the three concentrations being pursued. The lead advisor will coordinate the selection of the three areas with other academic departments and approve the major plan. The lead advisor will be the instructor for PREP 499. The vice president for academic affairs will give final approval to the comprehensive plan.

Major requirements*

Completion of three minors from three different departments or 18 hours concentration from an academic department that does not have a minor as one of the three.

  • Students pursuing a liberal arts and sciences major may not count any course taken to satisfy major requirements as a General Education credit.

Completion of a capstone course, minimum of 3 hours.

  • Under the direction of the major advisor, the student will complete an interdisciplinary special study in the form of an independent study, practicum, or internship.

*2020-2021 Academic Catalog

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