Course Descriptions

PESS102 Fundamentals of Bowling
Credit .5 hour

PESS103 Fundamentals of Weightlifting
Credit .5 hour

PESS104 Fundamentals of Gymnastics
Credit .5 hour

PESS105 Fundamentals of Golf
Credit .5 hour

PESS106 Fundamentals of Archery
Credit .5 hour

PESS107 Fundamentals of Badminton
Credit .5 hour

PESS108 Fundamentals of Tennis
Credit .5 hour

PESS109 Fundamentals of Volleyball
Credit .5 hour

PESS110 Fundamentals of Soccer
Credit .5 hour

PESS111 Fundamentals of Basketball
Credit .5 hour

PESS112 Fundamentals of Softball
Credit .5 hour

All fundamentals courses will cover skills, techniques, strategy, and rules pertaining to the specific sport.

PESS126 First Aid and Safety
Cause, prevention, and first aid care of common emergencies as outlined by American Red Cross. Treatment of athletic injuries. Common precautions in safety in the home, school, highways, and recreational areas. Credit 2 hours.

PESS202 Lifesaving
Lifesaving and artificial respiration, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, and first aid techniques. Preparation for Red Cross certification test in Life Saving and Water Safety. Prerequisite: PESS 126. Credit 1 hour.

PESS203 Advanced Strength Training
This course develops many weightlifting techniques that can only be effectively executed when orchestrated with larger, strategically-planned regimens. Several techniques including periodization, super sets, giant sets, isometric, super slow, forced repetitions, and other processes are studied and put into practice. CSCS exam preparation is included curriculum. Credit 3 hours.

PESS212 Swimming
Emphasis on fundamental through advanced swimming techniques based on your swimming ability including personal safety skills, rescue techniques, artificial respiration, and safety information. Credit 1 hour. May be repeated twice.

PESS213 Principles of Physical Education
Basic concepts and theories of physical education. Credit 3 hours.

PESS215 Applied Motor Learning
A study of theories and practices dealing with learning as related to motor skill acquisition. Emphasis will be psychomotor and perceptual motor learning. Credit 3 hours.

PESS220 Introduction to Sport Management
This course is designed to provide an overview of the structure of the sports industry and to highlight the scope and variety of career opportunities in the area. The value of professional management to sports organization will also be emphasized. Attention will be given to the issues facing sport organizations and to the use of management techniques to solve business-related problems. The development of effective communication skills, both written and oral, will be emphasized through class presentations and written assignments. Cross-listed with Business. Credit 3 hours.

PESS225 Fitness Assessment
This course will give the student the experience of administering assessment tests, evaluating results of these tests, and from these tests prescribing health fitness programs. Credit 2 hours.

PESS302 Water Safety Instruction
Advanced aquatic course training and preparing students to teach swimming, lifesaving, and other water safety courses. Preparation for Red Cross certification test. Prerequisite: Current Senior Red Cross Lifesaving certificate. Credit 1 hour.

PESS314 Measurement and Evaluation in Physical Education
A study of capacity, achievements, knowledge, and skill tests and their application to classification and measurement of progress. Credit 3 hours.

PESS323 Exercise Physiology
An introduction to the physiology of the skeletal, muscular, respiratory, nervous, and circulatory systems, with special reference to their adjustments during exercise. A study is made of age, sex, environment, and training in relation to exercise. Credit 3 hours.

PESS325 Teaching Physical Education in the Elementary School
Designed for physical educators to enhance their understanding of contemporary elementary physical education. This course is directed to provide them with stimulus material for the implementation of movement activities and approaches to enhance the total development of the elementary school-aged child. Credit 3 hours.

PESS326 Adapted Physical Education
The need for an adapted program for the physically handicapped or atypical student; its organization and administration; types of conditions to be found and their symptoms and characteristics; developing a program to meet the needs of the students; resources and references. Credit 3 hours.

PESS332 Kinesiology
The mechanical and anatomical analysis of selected activities and their effect on the body; and the physiological adaptation of the body to meet the resultant demands. Credit 3 hours.

PESS335 Psychology of Sport
A study of the psychology of motivation, attitudes, values, social mobility, and status as it relates to athletics. Cross-listed with Psychology. Credit 3 hours.

PESS341 Game Rules and Officiating
Study of rules and officiating mechanics for football and basketball. Less detailed study will be given to baseball, track and field, soccer, volleyball, and individual sports. Credit 3 hours.

PESS344 Sport Marketing
Course is designed to develop an understanding and appreciation of the unique aspects of marketing as related to sport. Cross-listed with Business. Credit 3 hours.

PESS414 Exercise Prescription
This course will teach the student the major elements of fitness, determine fitness goals, design fitness programs and facilities. The course will be a combination of classroom, exercise and practical experiences. Prerequisite: PESS225. Credit 3 hours.

PESS415 Theory of Coaching Football
Study of fundamentals, individual and team offense and defense, formations, plays and field generalship. Credit 2 hours.

PESS416 Theory of Coaching Volleyball
An analysis of the coaching techniques and strategies of volleyball. Credit 2 hours.

PESS417 Theory of Coaching Basketball
Study of the different systems of basketball, individual and team offense and defense. Credit 2 hours.

PESS418 Theory of Coaching Track
Form, training, and selection of students for each track and field event. Also includes procedures and organization of track meets. Credit 2 hours.

PESS419 Theory of Coaching Baseball/Softball
An analysis of defensive baseball including strategic fielding and pitching. A study of hitting techniques and base running including the coaching techniques of each. Credit 2 hours.

PESS420 Theory of Coaching
A course designed to provide the student an introduction to the sport science principles of coaching. Topics include coaching philosophy, sport psychology, sport pedagogy, sport physiology, and sport management. Successful completion of the course leads to partial or full certification in 40 states that utilize the course for certification at the High School level. In order to receive certification, students must successfully complete the test and score a minimum of 80% on the certification exams. Credit 3 hours.

PESS421 Sport Management Capstone
This course is designed as the culminating experience in the Sport Management program and may include individual research or an approved internship. Credit 3 hours.

PESS435 Organization and Administration of Physical Education
Analysis of the underlying principles of physical education and their application to the organization of a physical education program. The principles of teaching physical education with lesson plan formulation plus actual experience in an activity class. Credit 3 hours.

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