Cap & Gown Orders

Academic regalia - caps, gowns - are worn by all members of the college community who participate in the commencement ceremony. The academic gown is the basic commencement garment and is black. Those graduates receiving the masters or doctoral degree have a hood in the color reflecting their degree. A tassel, attached to the center of each cap, should be worn on the right side of the face.

Cap and gown orders can be placed online at The online ordering deadline is March 31, 2016. Orders placed after this date are subject to availability and will incur a $20.00 late fee.

Pricing and Ordering Information:

  • Bachelor Degree  Cap, Gown, and Tassel  $30.65
  • Master Degree  Cap, Gown, Hood, and Tassel  $55.75
  • Doctor of Education  Cap, Gown, Hood, and Tassel  $68.70
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