disc4 Of the four aspects (Social, Missions, Hands/Feet & Nurture) of the Discipleship Program, the Covenant Groups are the piece of the program that concentrates on equipping the hands for serving others in a Christian community.  Through the hands component, students have the opportunity to explore a wide variety of ministries with varying levels of commitment and responsibility.  Each semester, students have the opportunity to participate in Hands & Feet Days, a service project in the community of Winfield and the surrounding communities, which is organized by the Hands & Feet committee.  

The primary aspect of equipping takes place through students’ participation in a student-led committee. Discipleship has various leadership positions that are held by the 3rd year team. Some of these groups include Fishers of People, Missions, Social, Kingdom, and Hands and Feet Committees. These different teams work to come up with team-building opportunities for all of the team to do together and build community. Discipleship also does volunteer and mission work throughout the year. All these teams and individuals work together to make the team run smoothly and serve God and share his love.

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