Shiven Saxena, MFA

Assistant Professor of Digital Arts
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(620) 229-6329

Throughout his life, Shiven has embarked on an academic journey that would bridge the gap between the seemingly disparate fields of Arts and Engineering. He completed his undergraduate studies at Virginia Tech, where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Industrial and Systems Engineering. During this time, he honed his problem-solving skills which would later influence his approach to art and animation. Eager to pursue his artistic aspirations, Shiven continued his education at Virginia Tech, obtaining a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Creative Technologies. This transformative experience allowed him to merge his engineering background with his artistic vision, providing him with a unique perspective in the realm of Digital Arts.

As an Assistant Professor, Shiven Saxena now shares his expertise and knowledge with aspiring artists and animators. His teaching style is marked by a blend of technical proficiency and creative exploration, inspiring his students to push the boundaries of their imagination while mastering the intricate world of 3D and time-based media. Beyond the classroom, Shiven is a passionate researcher, delving into the realm of "The Self" and disembodiment through 3D animations. His research explores the notion of self-identity, perception, and transformation, using cutting-edge technology to create immersive and thought-provoking animated experiences.

On his own time, Shiven also enjoys listening to and producing electronic music, borrowing from his training as a classical pianist. He also enjoys philosophical conversations and cats!

Shiven Saxena, MFA
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