Service Project Steps

Doing a service project doesn't have to be hard!

At SC we have many groups who follow these simple steps to create their very own service project. Join in on our mission to serve!


Step 1

Answer these questions:

  1. How many people are on your team and how many will be working?
  2. What type of work would your team like to do?
  3. When is a general time frame that your team would like to work?

Step 2

  • Contact organizations that may need volunteers. Allow some time to find a good match for your team and an organization.

Step 3

  • Do a pre-service briefing.  This is a time before you do the project to talk with your team about why you are participating in the project, what you may gain from the experience, and to learn about the organization you are helping.  Now do the service project!

Step 4

  • Do a post-service reflection.  Discuss a few questions with your team about how the experience helped them.  Possible questions could include:
    • What was the best part of this experience for you?
    • Is there any way this evening could have been a better experience for you or the organization?
    • Did this experience encourage you to do any future volunteering?
    • How might this experience help you become a  team?
    • How might this experience help you in the future?
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