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The Southwestern Natural Science Hall of Fame was established in order to honor alumni who have performed significant achievements in the sciences, technical industries, and medicine. The college is known for having a quality science department and for producing outstanding graduates. It is the intent of the college to honor graduates who excel in scientifically-related careers.

For more information on the natural sciences at Southwestern College, please refer to the appropriate webpage: biologymarine biology or chemistry.

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Candidates for induction into the Southwestern College Natural Science Hall of Fame will be considered for induction based on their achievements, professionalism, and character. A significant achievement is one in which the exceptional skills and abilities of the candidate are exemplified. All candidates must be graduates of Southwestern College.


Nominations will be received from alumni and friends of the college. In order for a nomination to be formally accepted, a completed nomination form must be submitted to the nominations committee. Nominations will be sought via college publications and communications. Once an individual is formally nominated, that name will remain eligible for selection for induction for 5 years. After that time has passed, the individual must be formally nominated again to be considered for selection. The nomination pool will be managed and maintained by the alumni department. Click here to submit a nomination online.

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Number of Inductees

The number of inductees per year will be three, one of which may be posthumously inducted.

Natural Science Hall of Fame Members

Southwestern College alumni who have made significant achievements in the sciences are recognized annually in the Natural Science Hall of Fame.  Since the inaugural year of 2001, many notable Moundbuilders have been honored by having their names placed in this Hall of Fame.  The actual display is located in the north end of Beech Science Center on the Southwestern College main campus.

2018 Inductees

C. Clifford Conaway ’60 was a toxicologist, research scientist, and college professor whose distinguished career continued until a year before his death at age 78 in 2017. Conaway spent seven years as a project toxicologist for Texaco before moving to the American Health Foundation (Institute for Cancer Prevention) in 1986. For 17 years he did cancer research focusing on basic research on mechanisms of carcinogenesis and dietary approaches to cancer chemoprevention. He was author of 41 publications at the institute before it closed in 2004. Conaway was a consultant in environmental toxicology, carcinogenesis, and risk assessment, and was project leader for health risk evaluations on emissions from hazardous waste treatment, storage, and disposal facilities for the EPA. He concluded his career teaching topics related to toxicology at Pace University and at New York Medical College.

Angela Mayorga May ’97 received her M.D. degree from Creighton University and completed residency training in the combined internal medicine/psychiatry program at the University of Kansas. She was recipient of the Shawn Storm Memorial Award, presented to a graduating psychiatry resident who consistently demonstrates excellence in all aspects of patient-centered care. She was selected one of four chief residents in internal medicine, holding a joint appointment in the department of psychiatry. She joined the psychiatry faculty at the University of Kansas Medical Center in 2007 and holds a joint appointment as assistant professor of psychiatry and internal medicine at KU Medical Center. She also functions as residency director of the psychiatry residency program. Her principal duties are educating residents, staffing the outpatient clinic, and working as a psychiatric consultant to the solid organ transplant service.

Kenneth J. Renner, ’76 has spent his career in education and research, mostly focusing on investigating how steroid hormones affect monoaminergic transmission (dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine pathways) to alter the expression of behaviors, in particular female sexual behavior and stress responses. A faculty member at the University of South Dakota from 1994 to the present, his recent studies have examined the potential roles of organic cation transporters in mediating rapid changes in monoamine neurotransmitters in response to the stress hormone corticosterone. This raises the possibility that the corticosterone blockade of organic cation-mediated transport may contribute to rapid actions of stress hormones in the brain and affect behavioral outcomes. Renner has spent consider time optimizing and applying techniques for analysis of monoamines in his own lab and has generously shared this knowledge with other investigators. Nominated multiple times for excellence in teaching awards, Renner continues to be active in science education as a volunteer instructor for the South Dakota Governor’s camp (middle school students) and Ambassadors Camp (high school students).

2017 Inductees
James A. Anderson ’62
Ernest W. Reid 1916
Brad Weigle ’72

2016 Inductees
Arthur E. Hertzler, class of 1896
K. Charles "Charlie" Hunter '67
Gerald "Eddie" Weigle '93

2015 Inductees
Nathan L. Eckert '01
Harold E. "Gene" Miller '62
Esther Winkelman Overstreet '28

2014 Inductees
Harold C. Tretbar '52
Mark W. Turrentine '79
Belinda A. Vail '76

2013 Inductees
Ann Allegre '72
W. Brian Howard '82
Ronald K. Lohrding '63

2012 Inductees
Gordon H. Scott '22
Gregory K. Unruh '77
Servant Leader Award
Robert "Doc" Wimmer 

2011 Inductees
Jeffrey L. Boone '73
Darrel English '59
Jesse Gulick '44
Kenneth Laws '72

2010 Inductees
Douglas J. Fort '86
Harold L. Taylor '42
Servant Leader Award
Charles Maddin

2009 Inductees
John L. Antal '58
William A. "Bill" Glass '53
Lyle R. Kallenbach '61

2008 Inductees 
Robert G. "Bob" Hamilton '80
Roger M. Rowell '61
William G. "Bill" Stanley '48

2007 Inductees
William M. "Bill" Cloud '47
L. Erlis Cranston '31
David E. Smith '73

2006 Inductees
James L. "Jim" Fishback '77
Fay P. Greene '38
Margaret Phillips-Randolph '30

2005 Inductees
E. Keith Hege '56
Verlin L. Hoberecht '51 
Ray A. Waller '59

2004 Inductees
Melvin Cheatham '55
Franklin Newman '53
Max Thompson '57

2003 Inductees
Michael F. Allen '74
Allan Lundeen '54
Karen L. (Ramsdale) Nonhof '75

2002 Inductees
Harlan E. Lenander '39
LeRoy A. Spitze '39
Dee F. Taylor '40

2001 Inductees
Lloyd M. Bertholf '21
Etcyl H. Blair '47
Hobart Paul Boles '39
Sven Ebbesson '57
Neil L. Frank '53
Asher D. Kantz '43
Lewis G. Longsworth '25
John Lawrence Oncley '29
R. Stephen White '42
Wayne E. White '27

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