Southwestern College Homecoming Service Project Benefits Winfield

The Service Learning Council at Southwestern College teamed with the American Red Cross and the Winfield Fire Department to install smoke alarms on Sunday, Oct. 22.  This was the council’s seventh annual Homecoming service project. The Service Learning Council is made up of Discipleship, Leadership, and Green Team directors and students. The group engages the entire campus community in the Homecoming service project, 320 students participated on Sunday.Smoke alarm group               

According to the American Red Cross, the teams of students canvassed all of Winfield and installed 240 smoke alarms in 114 homes in just over two hours. More requests for smoke alarms are being received and sent to the Winfield Fire Department.  It is estimated that 300 smoke alarms will be installed through this community effort.  In addition to installing the alarms, the volunteers helped families create fire escape plans. 

“Our annual Homecoming service project invites our students into a place of collective service, reflection, and teamwork,” says Molly Just, director of Discipleship at Southwestern.  “Though the project happens on a large scale, everyone has a vital part to play. As students went out across Winfield on Sunday afternoon, some teams helped families check their current fire alarms, other teams installed new fire alarms in homes, and others raised awareness about fire safety. It’s beautiful to see all the pieces come together.” 

Residents throughout Kansas can enquire about a free smoke alarm by calling 211, or by registering online at 

“Without the effort of Southwestern College students and the support of American Red Cross it would’ve taken our crew months to accomplish what this group helped us do in a matter of hours,” Joshua Dobbs, lieutenant and paramedic for the Winfield Fire Department says. “Seeing a project like this come together makes me feel so proud; this is a great community because we care about each other.”
“Never doubt what a group of thoughtful students can do when they’re willing to serve together,” Just adds.


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