Study Abroad

Basic steps for studying abroad:

1) Obtain Study Abroad Form (download here or pick up at Registrar’s Office, 1st floor Christy Administration building).

**Students are encouraged to apply for study abroad as early as possible before the semester they intend to travel.  Students wishing to study abroad in the summer term should complete the process by March 1st; for fall term, complete by April 1st; for spring term, complete by October 1st.

2) Make an appointment with your Southwestern College academic advisor to discuss curriculum plan and foreign study options.

3) Select study abroad program

Helpful online resources include:

4) Complete Study Abroad Budget Worksheet (download here or pick up at Financial Aid Office, 1st floor Christy Administration building)

5) Make an appointment with Southwestern College Financial Aid Office to review Budget Worksheet and assess aid contributions (see “Study Abroad” on the Financial Aid Website).

6) Apply for admission to study abroad program or foreign university.

7) Notify Financial Aid Office of successful admission to foreign university or study abroad program.

8) Enroll at Southwestern College for Study Abroad course (LAS 395 for 12 hours) at the Registrar’s Office and sign and return to the office the Study Abroad Form.

Next steps:

  1. Follow admissions processes for housing and registration at host institution/study abroad program.
  2. Purchase plane ticket and if necessary contact foreign consulate to secure student visa.
  3. Enjoy classes at host institution, make new friends, and learn!
  4. Even while studying abroad, students should stay in contact with their advisor. Course selection for the following semester at Southwestern College can be done online.

Upon return from study abroad:

  1. Request official transcript from host institution to be sent to Registrar’s Office (Southwestern College, 100 College St., Winfield, KS  67156)
    **NOTE:  If the transcript does not reflect US semester hours in English, student will be assessed the SC foreign credential evaluation fee.  For non-English documents, student should provide a literal English translation.
  2. Check with Student Life Office to confirm housing arrangements.
  3. Report academic progress to academic advisor.
  4. Download the Study Abroad Marketability: A Resume Building Toolkit (PDF)


Study Abroad Programs

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