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International Students Admission

Admission decisions for international students are based on a combination of English proficiency, successful completion of courses leading to graduation, letters of recommendation, and proof of financial support.

Students who have attended schools where English has not been the primary language of instruction must show evidence of English proficiency through a score of 60 or higher on PBT/written test or 70 or higher on iBT/internet-based test on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or the International English Language Test (IELTS) of 6.5, special courses in other institutions such as completion of the highest level of an Intensive English Language Center program, or other relevant experiences.

Entering freshmen must have graduated from a secondary institution in their home country and must provide original certified copies of their academic transcripts which have been translated into English. Transfer students must provide original certified copies of all college transcripts which have been translated into English. An international student who enrolls as a degree-seeking student at Southwestern and who has taken courses at colleges outside the United States must pay to have these credits evaluated through a transcript evaluation service approved by Southwestern College.

In addition, international students must submit a certified bank statement indicating that the student or the student’s sponsor has sufficient funds to meet the first year’s expenses, a personal statement about the student’s background, interests, and personal accomplishments, and three letters of recommendation. If the student is being sponsored, a certified letter from the sponsor should be submitted indicating that the sponsor will be supporting the student during the student’s stay in the United States. If the student is sponsored by the student’s home government, the student should send a certified letter from the government indicating support and billing information.

International Student Application Procedure

To be admitted to Southwestern College, international students should take these steps:

  1. Write, e-mail, call, or visit the campus to become acquainted with the college community and to discuss the admission process with an admission counselor.
  2. Complete an Online Admission Application Form or Download/print Admission Application Form and return it to the college.
  3. Have the official transcripts of all high school and/or college credit translated into English and sent to the Southwestern College Office of Admission. High school transcripts should include class rank, grade point average, and grading scale whenever possible.
  4. Take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) and have the scores forwarded to the Office of Admission. The TOEFL code number for Southwestern College is 6670. If applying for English proficiency through other means, forward documentation such as transcripts accompanied by an explanation to the Office of Admission for review.
  5. Forward three letters of recommendation, translated into English, from teachers or professors who are familiar with the student’s academic ability.
  6. Complete the Certification of Finances Form documenting amounts of financial support from sources other than Southwestern College. If sponsored by the student’s home government, send a certified letter indicating amount of support and billing information.
  7. Upon acceptance for admission, the student will be forwarded a Form I-20. This should be presented to the student’s local United States consular officer to obtain a student F-1 visa.


International students wishing to enroll full-time at Southwestern College in the fall semester must have a complete application file in the Office of Admission by July 1. To enroll full-time at Southwestern College in the spring semester, the student must have a complete application file in the Office of Admission by December 1.

A complete application file includes:

  1. Application form
  2. Other requirements as listed under the international student category.


  • International students will be required to pay a $200 SEVIS fee to obtain a visa at the embassy.  This is not a Southwestern College fee, but an American Government fee. Contact the American Embassy in your country for more information.
  • Southwestern College requires a $3000 deposit before it can issue an I-20. Students accepted for the fall term must turn in all housing and health forms by August 1. To receive priority housing assignments, the housing form must be received by May 1.

Policy for TB testing for SC International Students and Visiting Scholars

Screening and targeted testing for tuberculosis (TB) is a key strategy for controlling and preventing infection on college and university campuses. Early detection provides an opportunity to promote the health of affected individuals through prompt diagnosis and treatment while preventing potential spread to others.

  • All incoming students and scholars must have a TB test within two (2) weeks of arrival.
  • Students/Visiting Scholars will be notified of TB testing dates by the Director of International Student Services.
  • AMS Labs (Wichita, KS) will give the QuantiFeron TB Gold.  It is a blood test to ensure accuracy of results.
  • The charge is $70.00 per student and the amount will be added to your SC billing statement prior to arrival on campus. 

For More Information
For necessary admission forms or more information, students should write, call, fax, or e-mail:

Office of Admission
Southwestern College
100 College St.
Winfield, KS 67156-2499
(620) 229-6236
(800) 846-1543
Fax: (620) 229-6344




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