Kansas? What is it like?

Kansas is a state with many different climates.  The spring and falls are beautiful with relatively mild temperatures.  The winter which is from about November until February can be very cold.  We receive snow and ice storms that can be very difficult to manage.  Contrast the cold winters with very warm summers.  Our summer temperatures can reach up to 100 degrees with a high level of humidity.


Winfield is located in Cowley County, Kansas .   Selected as #56 in an edition of  The 100 Best SMALL TOWNS in AMERICA, Winfield maintains a progressive philosophy while preserving a sense of its history and natural beauty. 

Winfield has its own special mix of commercial, recreational and residential development. From the charm of the historic downtown to its internationally known industries and Fortune 500 companies, Winfield strives to be a part of the global economy while retaining that comfortable small town feel. 

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Wichita - One Hour Away

Wichita, KS is the largest city in Kansas and is approximately an hour drive from Winfield. There are two (2) large shopping malls in Wichita, lots of restaurants, movie theatres, and many entertainment options.

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