Level Two Incident

A Level Two Incident includes violations of the college policies concerning:

  • Burnt candles, Prohibited Electrical Appliances, Smoking, Hazing, Alcohol, Propping Open Any Locker Door, Vandalism, and Threatening Behavior.

This list is representative and is not all-inclusive.


  1. Potential violation is reported
  2. Incident Review Committee determines if there is a reason to proceed.
  3. The accused student is sent a notification letter to schedule a meeting with the SGA student conduct advisor to review hearing options and procedures.
  4. After this meeting, the student reads and signs the Admit/Deny form.  
    • If this form stipulates that the accused student admits the charges, he/she will have the incident heard as an Admit Misconduct Hearing.
    • If the student denies the charges, he/she will have an Administrative Hearing. 
    • If a student fails to schedule a meeting and/or sign the Admit/Deny form, they will be assigned an Administrative Hearing by default.

Hearing Options

    An Admit Misconduct Hearing is held when the accused student admits the charges and waives the rights to a formal hearing. The student will meet with a designated student life administrator to discuss the incident and develop a sanction.

    An Administrative Hearing is held when the accused student denies the charges of the violation. The purpose of the hearing is to determine if the misconduct occurred and if campus policy was violated. The hearing consists of the accused student and a designated hearing officer, either the vice president for student life and/or the dean of students (or designee). 


A student may appeal the decision or sanction resulting from any level of violation - within three (3) school days from the date of the decision letter.

The appeal is requested by completing an Appeal form in the Student Life Office.

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