Course Descriptions

HSCI100 Introduction to Careers in the Health Sciences 

A seminar style course for students considering health care as a career. The course will provide an overview of different medical careers and their respective educational pathways. Weekly sessions will be led by representatives of different health care professions from the community including physicians, therapists, nurses, technicians, dentists, and optometrists. Credit 1 hour. 

HSCI200 Medical Terminology 

An overview of basic medical terminology. This course will focus on word origins, word roots, suffixes, prefixes, plurals, combining forms, special endings, abbreviations, and symbols. Through this course, students will learn how to spell, define, pronounce, and correctly use common medical terms. Credit 1 hour. 

HSCI359 Practicum in Health Sciences 

Students working in a health care setting off campus may receive up to three credit hours of academic credit within the major. The work must help to expand the student’s knowledge and familiarity with the health sciences. Approval for course credit must be obtained from the Division Chair prior to the beginning of the associated work. Credit 1-3 hours. 

HSCI461 Seminar in Health Sciences 

This course focuses on the presentation and discussion of current research in the health sciences and related fields. Students will also develop key professional skills such as resume preparation and crafting personal statements. Credit 1 hour. 

*2023-2024 Academic Catalog

For course descriptions in the cognate fields of Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Psychology, please consult the Course Catalog.

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