Nili Luo, Ed.D.

Professor of Early Childhood Education
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Dr. Luo was raised in one of the poorest areas of China named Dabie Mountain. Unlike her childhood girl friends, who had to end school during the elementary years, she was able to continue to go to school. Her friends were to be married early in life and then work in the farming fields. Dr. Luo has been trained as an educator both in China and the United States. She always enjoys her teaching. In 1997, Dr. Luo became the youngest associate professor in Anhui province, China. She received several national teaching awards and was nominated to be a national role model. At the same time, Dr. Luo was invited to be a visiting professor to teach at Hampshire College, MA. Later on, she studied with Dr. J. Kevin Nugent and received her doctoral degree at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Prior to her arrival to the U.S, she has taught at Anhui Agricultural University, for nearly nine years & Tong Ling No. 7 middle school for two years. She was involved actively in the Welfare Institution with the purpose to help abandoned orphans. Once in the United States, Dr. Luo conducted research with American families who had adopted Chinese children. She is involved with families with children who are adopted from China and have conducted several research projects in these areas. Her current research interests are how adopted Chinese children develop in the United States and what impact this adoption will have on the child and parents over time, and another area of interest is parenting and teaching young children from different cultural backgrounds. One of Dr. Luo’s dreams is to support children who are less fortunate and help them to have a profound life in the changing society. Dr. Luo has nearly twenty years of teaching experience working with multi-age group students’ settings, including newborns to adult learners, both in China and the United States. For teaching, Dr. Luo believes that there is no single, right way to teach or to learn. Each of us is unique, as made by the Creator. Learning must be an empowering, interactive process that relies on multiple forms of methodology and instruction within developmentally appropriate instructional environments. Dr. Luo believes teachers guide tomorrow leaders and need to help students acquire broader knowledge and gain practical skills to meet the challenges in the world and to help them understand how to be a global citizen.

Nili Luo, Ed.D.
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