Educate the State

Educate the State

Educate the State - Butler or Cowley to Southwestern GraphicCowley College, Butler Community College, and Southwestern College are working together to make a secondary education degree more accessible and affordable.

Students earning an Associate of Arts from Cowley or Butler may transfer seamlessly to Southwestern College and enroll immediately in a secondary education program.

This public/private partnership allows students to obtain a secondary teaching license from the State of Kansas. 

What is Educate the State?

Educate the State LogoKansas has a significant need for secondary teachers. Therefore, the state is working with both public and private colleges to increase enrollment in state-accredited education programs by offering tuition assistance to eligible students. You may apply for a scholarship through the Kansas Teacher Service Scholarship (Kansas Board of Regents, KBOR). This scholarship provides tuition assistance up to $5,536 per year for full-time students. Additionally, transfer students with an Associate’s degree maintain all credits and a pathway to graduation.

What are the Eligibility Requirements? 

  • Graduate from a participating Kansas Community College (Butler Community College or Cowley College) with a GPA of 2.75.
  • Transfer from Butler or Cowley College to Southwestern College.
  • Enroll in a secondary education program (at least 12 credit hours per semester).


Southwestern Tuition: Approximately $7,200 per academic year (12 credit hours per semester for fall and spring).  KBOR Scholarship recipients will receive up to $5536 per year.

Additional Funding Sources: 

Students may be eligible for: 

Southwestern College Secondary Programs

The following undergraduate secondary degree programs are available at Southwestern College:


For Additional information about Educate the State or to enroll at Southwestern College, contact the SC Admissions Office at or 620-229-6236.

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