Sheryl Erickson, Ed.D.

Assistant Professor of Education; undergraduate and graduate classes
Email Address
(620) 229-6360

Greetings, my name is Sheryl Erickson and with 32 years as an educator, I know teaching, learning, and leading collaboratively with others is what I was born to do.

I have a bachelor's in elementary education and taught for 11 years in first, second, and third grade classes. I enjoyed the connections I made with children, their families, and the other educators I worked with on a daily basis.

I started a master's in special education of the gifted but along the way I discovered that I am a "gestalt kind of person" and later completed my masters in educational administration and supervision. I became an elementary building principal and a parent the same year and I jokingly tell that I am not sure which started the gray strands to begin threading their way into my hair. For 11 years I continued as a principal and except for being my son's mother nothing made me happier or more proud.

As continuous learners' do however, I got the itch to further my own learning and returned to college to complete certification as a district school administrator and then a doctorate in educational administration and supervision. My dissertation is written as a novel about school improvement and leadership through empowerment and collaboration, in other words, the principal gives up power and invites everyone to become a part of the leadership.

Completing a doctorate opened doors in higher ed and I have been an adjunct instructor for Baker University for the last ten years. I teach graduate courses for aspiring principals as well as teachers working on a master's to improve their instruction. I have instructed a variety of courses for Baker including: Curriculum Development and Design, Learning Theories and Instruction, Today’s Learner, and School Personnel. I have also worked with WSU as a practicum supervisor for teachers completing coursework to become building level leaders and previously taught online courses for the University of Phoenix in School Personnel and Developing Creativity. Most recently I taught for Southwestern College Professional Studies program.

Also, I returned to the classroom (from the office) and for five years used the certification I received when I started that initial master’s in gifted education. Working with 30ish gifted kindergarten through fifth graders really keeps you on your toes! I then moved along a slightly altered path as an instructional coach in one of Wichita (USD259) district’s Title I schools. I got to really do what led me to administration-support teachers in their work with students.

In May of 2011 I left the daily trek to the schoolhouse in favor of early (semi) retirement. But a lot can happen in the summer and by August I was back at school everyday on campus at Southwestern College where I am very pleased to be working with Moundbuilder students and faculty/staff.

My son is in college and I enjoy spending time with him and talking about his coursework and future plans (he is studying to be a high school history teacher) or sharing a good movie, card game, or yard and garden task.

Sheryl Erickson, Ed.D.