Carrie Lane, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Psychology
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University of Texas at Arlington (2006) M.S, Ph.D in experimental social psychology

Kansas State University (2001) B.S.


Research Interests:

Social Norms and Dating

  • To manipulate scripts with interruptions/ norm violations and observe how people recover and react to dating norm violations
  • Interested in investigating first date goals
  • Interested in determining if ambivalent sexism can help explain the contradiction between egalitarian attitudes and traditional gender norms
  • Investigate the motivations people have for conforming to outdated first date norms while holding contradictory egalitarian attitudes

Functions of Adult Crying

  • What is function of adult crying from an evolutionary perspective?
  • Specifically why did gender differences evolve?
  • Examine potential for female survival as result of adult crying
  • Examine potential for male mating success as result of not crying

Other Interests

  • Gender/Women’s issues/Relationships
  • Norms/Attitudes/Social Influence
  • Social Identity Theory/Groups/Prejudice
  • Emotion/Evolution





Carrie Lane, Ph.D.