Why Psychology?

  1. Everyone wants to better understand why people act the way they do
  2. Most people want to better understand themselves
  3. A Bachelor’s degree in psychology will give you a well-rounded liberal arts degree with a skill set that is sought out by employers
  4. An excellent preprofessional degree to become a psychologist working as a clinician/counselor, researcher and/or professor
Why SC for YOUR psychology degree?
  1. One on one interactions with professors
  2. Award-winning instruction
  3. Career & education advice from psychology professors rather than people outside of the program
  4. Research experience and availability of a research activity grant


Build an education.

Build an education.

Academic excellence sets SC apart.

41 main campus and 16 professional studies undergraduate majors, 27 minors, teacher certification in 13 areas, and 6 graduate programs.