SC Student Dalton Ward Leadership Project Honors Roger Moon While Helping the Community

The Southwestern College Learning Center, located at 120 W. 12th, has unveiled a new apple tree area named Moon Grove (in memory of Roger Moon). 

Dalton Ward and Allyson Moon at Leadership Student ProjectPHOTO—SC senior Dalton Ward along with Allyson Moon perform the official ribbon cutting of the new Moon Grove, in memory of Roger Moon, at the Southwestern College Learning Center.

The idea developed from the work of Southwestern College senior Dalton Ward in his capstone leadership project.  He desired to find a project to improve the environment through lowering our local carbon footprint and at the same time providing a sustainable source of food. 

“I’m very excited to share getting down in the dirt with the kids in planting trees and picking apples,” Ward says.  “These apples will reduce the community's carbon footprint and the children will have the enjoyment of watching their own apples grow.” 

Ward also says that Moon Grove wouldn’t have happened without the help from Alexis Miers, director of the SC Learning Center; Raquel Resendiz, campus life director; Laura Gottlob, Gottlob Lawn and Landscape; and funders, the Leo Grant Award and SGA Grant Award.

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