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A Different Breed of Pep Band

Builder Band-Its - DrumlineJust to get to the point... We're not your typical pep band. At Southwestern, we do things our own way. The Builder Band-Its is fully focused on creating an electric atmosphere through shared sound and experience. We take chances by playing unconventional music with a wide-ranging assortment of instruments, we wear wild outfits, we engage the participation of all those in our midst, and we bring energy and enthusiasm to everything that we do. Primarily, we are focused on packing the most fun we can into every moment that we get to play music together.

Unconventional Jams and Instruments: Builder Band-Its is all about breaking the mold of the pep band sound. While we still use standard instruments, you might also hear an accordion or bagpipes take an unexpected solo and everyone in the band participates in our drumline, because quite frankly, it's fun.  From classic rock anthems to modern chart-toppers, our repertoire is as diverse and dynamic as the college itself. We blend genres with flair, infusing each performance with an electrifying energy that keeps everyone on their feet.

Builder Band-Its - Group PhotoOutrageous Outfits: Who says athletic bands have to stick to uniforms? Builders are all about embracing individuality. Expect to see musicians rocking funky costumes, vibrant colors, and accessories that express their unique personalities.

Stadium Shenanigans: We are masters of turning game breaks into mini-parties. Watch out for impromptu dance-offs, chants, and unexpected musical interludes that keep both players and fans engaged and entertained.

Interactive Performances: Everyone is invited to this party.  Builder Band-Its thrives on audience participation. From interactive sing-alongs to choreographed routines that involve the crowd, we ensure that everyone feels like they're not just watching the performance, but actively contributing to the fun.

Builder Band-Its - Horn SectionUnmatched Enthusiasm and Positivity: The Builder Band-Its has an enthusiasm that's contagious. We're not just here to play music but to create an unforgettable atmosphere that fuels the team and electrifies the fans. Our energy is infectious, spreading positivity and excitement throughout the entire venue.

Community Connection: We're more than just a band; we're a community of music lovers who come together to celebrate our team, our school, and the spirit of camaraderie.

Scholarships Available

Activity scholarships are available to anyone who participates in a musical group. Come visit one of the activity directors, drop by a rehearsal, or speak with your admission counselor about how to get involved!

Builder Band-Its - Three percussionists pointing their sticks at the cameraWe Want Join the Fun

Join the Builder Band-Its and you can help us redefine what it means to be a college pep band. With a fusion of music, entertainment, and unbridled positivity, we're here to make every performance a memorable event that you won't want to miss. The Builder Band-Its – where music, fun, and Southwestern College pride collide!

Contact Jeremy Kirk at to join in on the fun!

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