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The Southwestern College Leaders in Service Hall of Fame for the Social Sciences was established in 2009 in order to honor alumni and friends who have shared significant achievements in the social sciences as represented by the fields of political science, history, religion, philosophy, leadership, anthropology, and psychology.

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2024 Leaders in Service Hall of Fame Ceremony


  • Paul Bean `85
  • Claudia Geer (retired faculty)
  • Willie Williams `68

2024 Inductees

Paul BeanPaul Bean ’85 graduated from Southwestern College with a bachelor’s degree in international business. He was a member of the centennial class and was a centennial scholar. After 10 years in banking, he spent the next 26 years doing development for Ottawa University and Southwestern College. Throughout his career, Bean has worked to support others. Bean has used his fundraising abilities to support churches, schools, youth programs, physically challenged adults, and the homeless. During COVID-19, he obtained over $130,000 in grants for small businesses that were facing hardship. He established the Franklin County E-Community which has provided over $500,000 in loans and grants to entrepreneurs. Bean has a deep appreciation for the importance that Southwestern College has played in his life. His parents met and graduated from Southwestern College. At Southwestern, it was emphasized by educators such as Larry Wilgers, Rick Johnson, and Alfredo Rodriguez to care for others and do what you can to support them.  As a Moundbuilder, Paul has tried to build his community wherever he lives.

Claudi GeerClaudia Geer earned her doctorate from the University of California, Davis in 1995.  From there, she was hired as an assistant professor of psychology at Southwestern College. A firm believer in “hands-on” learning, Geer developed lab sessions for general, developmental, and research psychology. She expected students to work hard so they would be proud of their accomplishments, be better prepared for life after college, and be competitive in the worlds of graduate school and professional life. Geer also did everything she could to be available, advise students, and foster student success. Geer received three institutional awards during her tenure at Southwestern: the United Methodist Exemplary Teacher in Higher Education Award (2010), the Charles H. & Vera Kopke Award for Distinguished Teaching (2011), and Faculty Member of the Year Award (2012). From 1995-2012 her professional service to Southwestern College included faculty secretary, faculty chair, psychology program director, and social science division chair.

Willie WilliamsWillie Williams `68 has a history of forging diverse collaborative relationships that foster respect and inclusion. While working for the city of Austin, Texas Public Health, he interfaced with planning partnerships, agencies, and governmental entities regarding issues related to mental health, intellectual developmental disabilities, substance use, and services for aging. As a clinician and administrator with Integral Care, the Local Mental Health, Intellectual & Developmental Disability, and Substance Use Authority. Williams was instrumental in redesigning the Community Aids Resource Education (CARE) Outreach program. He implemented a collaborative treatment approach with the faith-based community integrating non-traditional services and advocacy to the HIV/AIDS targeted population. 


Candidates for induction into the Southwestern College Leaders in Service Hall of Fame will be considered for induction based on a high degree of professional achievement in the social sciences. A high degree of achievement is one in which the exceptional skills and abilities of the candidate are exemplified by, but not limited to, the following measures: tenure, leadership position, board membership, publications, graduate degrees, firm partnership, and sacrificial service. Candidates must have been a student at Southwestern College or have given service to Southwestern College.


Nominations will be received from alumni and friends of the college. In order for a nomination to be formally accepted, a completed nomination form must be submitted to the nominations committee. Nominations will be sought via college publications and communications. Once an individual is formally nominated, that name will remain eligible for selection for induction for five years. After that time has passed, if not selected, the given individual must be formally nominated again to be considered for selection. The nomination pool will be managed and maintained by the alumni department.

Leaders in Service Hall of Fame Nomination Form


Determined by Social Sciences Division.

Number of Inductees

The number of inductees for the inaugural year will be seven, of which a maximum of three may be inducted posthumously. After the inaugural year of the Southwestern College Leaders in Service Hall of Fame for the Social Sciences, the maximum number of inductees per year will be three. A maximum of one posthumous inductee is allowed per year.

Members of Leaders in Service Hall of Fame for the Social Sciences

Southwestern College alumni who have made significant achievements as leaders in service are recognized annually in this hall of fame.  Beginning with the inaugural year of 2009, many notable Moundbuilders will be honored by having their names placed here.

2024 Inductees
Paul Bean `85
Claudia Geer (retired faculty)
Willie Williams `68

2023 Inductees
Velma Grier ‘53
Joe Sherman ‘72
David Nichols ‘60

2022 Inductees
Dr. Wallace Gray
Mona Klein '74
Rev. James Reed '64

2019 Inductees
C. Michael Lennen ’67
Stephanie Sharp Bruyn ’98
J. Michael Medina ’72

2018 Inductees
General Dean Strother '29
Mary (Briscoe) Jarvis '87
Dr. Kelly Bender '68

2017 Inductees
Theodore S. "Ted" Hresko, class of 1973
Roy L. Smith, class of 1908
Richard B. Wilke, Bishop in Residence

2016 Inductees
Randy E. Eshelman '07/'09
Barbara (Johnson) Isely '64
Mabel Madeline Southard, class of 1899

2015 Inductees
F. David Froman '68
Sandra Gasca-Gonzalez '94
John William "Bill" Todd '61

2014 Inductees
Bishop Bruce Blake
Harry H. Dunn '23
Pedro M. Esquivel '62

2013 Inductees
Scott C. Hecht '90
Carl M. Metzger '71
Victor C. Sherring '41

2012 Inductees
Larry D. Eason '55
Eugene L. "Gene" Lowry '55
J. Myrne (Richards) Roe '58

2011 Inductees
M. Kristine (Lange) Cheatum '59
Forrest J. Robinson '44
James M. "Jim" Shultz '61
2010 Inductees
Billie A. Day '60
Lyman S. Johnson '28
Hon. C. Darnell Jones II '72 
2009 Inductees 
A. J. "Jack" Focht '57
Hon. Loy W. Henderson '15
Carl E. Martin '60
M. Kim Moore '71
F. James "Jim" Robinson '80
Edward H. Salm
Hon. David H. Swartz '64

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